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sunstone 7 30-38

By shiniez
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the one with the cramp
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© 2020 shiniez
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DrSpilkus General Artist

Figure and face work is amazing. Great writing too!!!

retrograzer's avatar

Dammit Shiniez you're gonna make me cry again aren't you? I love it.

thegoodestwaffle's avatar

As usual, I'm smiling like an idiot. Thanks for your work, I've loved reading through this series!

SunstoneMercy's avatar

Thank you for sharing your amazing comics with us!!! I just binged all of Sunstone and Mercy and then made an account just so I could comment!! Thank you, shiniez!! I hope the quarantine isn't going to horrible for you and your family.

Yppiz's avatar
This is why I do yoga.
TheConsortOfSummer's avatar

I can see it, but I don't believe it sometimes when you show sex and intimacy without it going over some line and being too much. It's always right on the line, which is amazing.

Danyd10's avatar
Too much for first lesbian experience, huh?
Kerrigor3's avatar

Just reread Sunstone, and remembered I needed to catch up on Mercy.

Always loved your work, man. Ravine, Sunstone, Death Vigil. Got 'em all.

Keep up the great work!

darkemberflames's avatar

They make such an adorable couple! I love the sexy playfulness they have <3

Crazydoudleman's avatar

There is a mistake on the last page.

won pace -> own pace.

They are still winners.

Taemia's avatar

It wouldn't feel like a Stjepan work without a typo here and there :D

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jebestStudent General Artist
gotta love these slice of life stories every so often
Jenniandrews's avatar
you tell a story so well, artistically and verbally
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keytobias5Hobbyist Writer

God that's the worst. Getting a cramp while you're into it. Talk about a mood killer and as a guy you try to "fight through the pain" as it were. It doesn't work.

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MatttowlerProfessional General Artist


Dreali85's avatar
Keep it coming. I've been loving this for 4 plus years and it keeps getting better. Ginger Ale! HAHAHA.
cjhaacke's avatar
Just lost it when I got to "Sample your ginger ale".  
BornAngelAuthor's avatar
BornAngelAuthorHobbyist Artist
That pillow at the end is perfection XD
Shadewolfe's avatar
ShadewolfeHobbyist General Artist
Lip biting goodness!

davidtrapani's avatar

thank you very mutch it's been years that i am following your work and sunstone and death vigil are my favorites. !!!! i wanted to ask you something for a long time now. are you familiar with the funny comic called "nemi" and is there some inspiration from it espacialy for building ally's character ?

shiniez's avatar
shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
nope. i've seen some of it on facebook, but it was never an inspiration of any kind :)
Jabroniville's avatar
I'm loving this girl so much- I love how her face is so different from the other women you usually draw- the cool hair, her nice body, even the tattoos (and I'm not normally a fan of ink)! Still interested in seeing where this goes. And to see if Marianne's Ginger-Shaming ever comes back to bite her on the ass :)!
Icewingmoontigress's avatar
IcewingmoontigressStudent Artisan Crafter

This was so sweet. Friendship and realistic sex and humor. You put a smile on my face for sure!

Cestarian's avatar
Cestarian Digital Artist
Yeah, calf cramps, I've woken up to those like 5 times. As in woken up screaming wondering why the fuck I'm in such pain and taking like half a minute to figure out I'm still in bed and I'm just being a huge baby about a muscle cramp.

I really like how you drew the cramp exactly how it feels.
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