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sunstone 7 19-29

By shiniez
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vroom vroom if the engine wasn't busted...
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Spydraxis01Professional Digital Artist

Suddenly, I want a freaking Harley. Thanks.

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Just amazing... I'd forgotten how well you tell the story!

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awesome .... more

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Advent3546Hobbyist General Artist
I've read this series at least twice and it's still outstanding to look at
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Goddamn this just gets better and better. I must ask that you put together an art book with some of these panels they're beautiful.
JohanBroad's avatar
The final panel should be a poster!
Seriously, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

As usual, your art just blows me away.

Looking forward to the next pages!
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
Yayyyy a new strip! Thank you so much!
I'm left wondering what's up with the insecure boyfriend. Will this have ramifications?
Also, I wonder what will happen with Anne and Marion's relationship, since we all know they're not together at the end. Oh, the mystery!
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My's been a while since I completed the first run of Sunstone. I'd actually forgotten just how much I absolutely adore your stories. They're just so visceral, and heartfelt, and just...real. I don't know how else to describe it. I feel like I've known these characters all my life, like I could just reach out and touch them. Which I would very much like to do because they are also drop dead gorgeous. What has probably amazed me the most about this series is how the Sex, while incredibly arousing, more than anything touches my heart. It's not just simple pornography, It's like I feel an emotional connection through the physicality of it all. Which is the pretentious way of saying it's both Hot and Heartwarming :) Keep up the amazing work!!!

kagerotsuki's avatar

Outstanding work, Loved all of it!!

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DamaiuoHobbyist General Artist
Mmmmmm mmmmmm NRGHPGHT!! Aaaahhh.... mrrrrrm. Thank you. Same thing next week? Same time?
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That's a nice outfit.

I get the feeling that there's some sort of metaphor going on here. 
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Nice light effects on the bike, man.  And the texturing on the headlight lens too.
Sedeslav's avatar

WooHoo! I fuckin' love it! Svaka čast Stipane!

dax25012000's avatar
What more can be said? I have been in love with Sunstone from the very beginning, and I'm only loving each new story as we see into everyone's world. Just....thank you so much for creating these! I can't tell you what seeing these people, this artwork, this humor and these relationships means to me.
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MatttowlerProfessional General Artist


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OMG that last frame. That could be a poster.
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raininessHobbyist Digital Artist
Loving the foreshortening of her hand in the "A responsible parent?!" panel so much. It really seems to reach out of the page.
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LegionaireBHobbyist Writer

Revvin' up your Harley.

Ravenhull's avatar
I'm hoping we get more of Cassie, and I'm not just talking about skin exposure (though she's lovely that way too).  She seems to be a fun character.
DragonmanX-90's avatar
I can't think of anything clever to say; this is just awesome.
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SirStrazzenHobbyist Writer
I think there is enough  'Vroom,  Vroom !'  between the two of them to make that horse Giddy'aup & gallup right away .=P (Razz)    But seriously , once again great stuff both the art & the story behind it.   Nod     Dealing with  Jelly BF / GF's   is never a fun topic and seeing someone else way happier than you is never an easy thing to deal with. :o (Eek)    But thanks again for another good installment ,  look forward to many, many more .  Love    S_S   +fav   
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I'm very worried about Laura. She's so careful about her health in all ways. She's so extra careful with sexual relationships... I hope it's not what I'm thinking about, because it would be tragic and what I love about your comics is that they make me smile so much. Let's see what happens!

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vircophHobbyist Writer
You know, I got a simillar feeling about it, thinking what the hell must have happened....
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