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sunstone 7 12-19

By shiniez
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sorry for the censors :/
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© 2020 shiniez
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Spydraxis01Professional Digital Artist

I believe they are about to have an "Oh Shit" moment.

MrAkela's avatar

Panties inside the Garters. A common complication. I doesn't usually happen twice.

DarthSparrow's avatar
funniest censors I have seen here ^^
Spydraxis01's avatar
Spydraxis01Professional Digital Artist

Jigsaw pieces... Awesome!

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yeah that's something that they never tell yah, or what you never see in the blooper reels, garter belt mishaps. F.Y.I. for those that do not understand or not don't get it, if sex is to be involved while you are wearing said garters, the undergarment is worn on the outside of the straps.

So that it is clear, If you are NOT going to have sex while wearing the garter combo, the garter straps go over the under things. Sex, panties go over the strap.
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jorad60Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh wow. I wish i could render like this. What a gift you have.

bloodmaker's avatar
ah man, I swear reading these never fails to put a smile on my face. 
really needed that.
elessal's avatar

if I was a doome I would make a vader voice and say: ''you have failed me, sub'', ''you would be wise to surrender'' and ''submit!''

Tattorack's avatar
TattorackHobbyist Digital Artist

This is truly great, equal parts kinky and wholesome.

One thing though; I'm sure that's supposed to be "origin" in panel 35... but it says "orifin" XD

SilverDragon234's avatar
No worries. Ally still looks great naked.
maltorramus's avatar
this is so cool and hot!!! and very puzzling LOL
Sarasa31416's avatar

For some dreadful reason I can't see the picture properly! Help me :(

shiniez's avatar
shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
reload, hit download or try with a different  browser, there are days when deviantart and a browser just refuse to get along.
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got a notebook, now seeing it in its full glory. I remember finding your first drawings, usually one-offs, on a certain evil message board. I LOVED THEM and couldn't find the source for a long time till I came across your DeviantArt. I haven't practised that much BDSM, though I think I'm a subby switch, and I love the depth and warmth of your characters. I even found the comic in Buenos Aires! So much love from me, currently dealing with the quarantine in Hamburg. XOXO

RoyceGrey's avatar
Sealed in . . .

Lymph!  He meant lymph!


Yes, lymph.  Chane my mind.

No, no.  You keep on with that.

Seriously, that was goof and fun.  :)
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
yes, lymph! that's exactly it XD
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HareTrinityHobbyist General Artist
Aww, wholesome pervs! Making his best friend's birthday a good one! :D
schlaumeierine's avatar

Just in case you havn't noticed jet after they have sex it says "orifin" instead of "origin" in the green text box on the right.

Dreali85's avatar
I love this series so much it´s not funny. Keep up the good work.
DEJones1964's avatar
Obviously Ally hasn't had to pee since putting on her fuck me garters or she'd have figured out reeeeee-al quick the right way to wear them.
shiniez's avatar
shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
yup XD
MadzioRex's avatar
MadzioRexProfessional Digital Artist

Again, loooove this <3

free-amara's avatar
Ahhhh...satisfaction. I feel like I just a breath that I subconsciously knew I needed but couldn't get. Now, I can breathe again. So freaking awesome!!!
AnimusNocturnus's avatar
You provided my fix. You may be forgiven.
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