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sunstone 7 085-091

By shiniez
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i mean... it was still a surprise?
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loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.

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Laura! Come on! You're not an employment agency.

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You know... When they first met, Laura seemed really mature compared to Anne, because of her bing 3 years older... After getting to know her, I have suddenly remembered how inmature you can be when you are 22

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I mean, I'm surprised.

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I always love when you put your art in the background of your art :)

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Anne's face in the last two panels hahahahahaha xDDDD Also, the dragon pic on the wall in the last one... i need that so bad :O

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How do you continually create such likeable dorks? :D

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Anne's face at the end there fucking kills me

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Oh man... what a great surprise that was! :D

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absolutely nailed it!

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i suffer at how slow these come 😭

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I am continually shocked and amazed at how quickly he plots, writes, lays out, pencils, inks, colors, and letters these! It probably helps that he's doing it digitally, but almost nobody does this kind of work solo, and few if any of them are better, faster, sexier, or funnier.

It still kills me to wait for the next one though... :O

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Seriously, you do the best work.

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>! Great work !<


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10/10 will agree since becoming a tattoo artist ....skins a pain in the as canvas

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Cute entry.

Type on the first panel of the burger painting. It should say "changing" and it says "thanging"

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If memory serves, Shiniez sometimes deliberately includes misprints in the digital versions of his comics to discourage people from bootlegging them - or to easily identify bootlegs when they do pop up. The misprints are corrected in the printed version.

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oh thats clever! i hadnt considered that :)

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that line with her dad... so much like The New Guy. I expected him to ask "is she ridin' the white pony??" LOL

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We had 'The Talk'.

"Is she on drugs?"

(sorry, found no good record scratch gif)

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