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sunstone 7 078-084

By shiniez
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meet the parents part 2 XD
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I think this story is just amazing, the writting, the characters... You made me smile, cry and much more so just thank you for all that! I can't wait to see the next episodes!!!

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Omg... This is the last pages uploaded in DA? When will come the rest of the pages? :(

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Aaaawkward! But 1000 points to Bill, he took the surprise and the dorky comments quite well XD

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very cute chapter! :D i kinda want Laura's their relationship to continue honestly <.<

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While most people would be uncomfortable with it, I really like how cool the dad is. Sure, he doesn't want to hear it, but he's not the one making it uncomfortable, he just moves on to the subject at hand. He trusts his daughter to make her own decisions, at least from what we can tell. He wants the best for her, but knows part of what's best is what she has to also figures out for herself. Something I think a lot of parents could learn as part of the equation.

I think more people should be less embarrassed about things like that. It's part of most peoples lives, no real reason to make such a fuss as so many do.

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I only hope that I can be like that with my children and whomever they bring home. That shows real maturity.

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beautiful work

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Now i need a 5 vol comic about Bill and Ally's mom hooking up at there wedding.
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Lol - that has to be the Sunstone endgame. You just called it.

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I'm sorry but I have to use a Spanish idiom for this strip: Laura tiene más peligro que el bautizo de un gremlin xDDDDDDDDDDD (Laura can be more dangerous than a gremlin's baptism). Also Bill deserves the world xDDDD

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mas peligro que un gremlin en cantando bajo la lluvia xD

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Her eye in the last panel looks kinda strange though

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I for one am happy you are still posting here. =)

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Unsolicited story Time:

The very first time my father met my future wife was the first time she slept over, it was after a friend's party and we were in my room (though a little early in our relationship for anything juicy to happen yet) she had to use the bathroom which was down the hall and when she flipped on the light she discovered my father doesn't close the door or turn on the light when he has to poop in the middle of the night. breakfast was fun.

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It's actually the best first parent meeting I ever read ! Thank for this one

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Oh, this is precious.

Maybe you should make a compilation of "different" couples 'meeting the parents' and get all the awkwardness over with, to make it more easy for the people out there who still have to get the courage for the real deal.

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I remember you saying you’d be hosting your work on another site in the future. Does that site exist yet and if so where can I find it:

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Oh man... I'm liking Bill more every time I see him! :D

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Wow, cute lesbian romance, sexy times, *and* a Death Note reference? You spoil us!

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