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sunstone 7 062-077

By shiniez
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eh screw it, i'll just post them here as well until my website is completed :) if it gets taken down, so be it. enjoy it while it lasts 
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I don't know what poster that is on her wall, but it reminds me of Evangelion and that makes me happy

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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist

just a random mecha pilot i drew for a warmup. not a fanart of anything specific

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95GodfatherStudent Filmographer

I'm confused, I thought Ally's mother died.

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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist

her dad died. anne's mom died.

anne has a dad, ally has a mom.

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95GodfatherStudent Filmographer

Ally is the one with the dyed black hair right? You established that her mother died in a flashback when talking about relationship with her dad. So who on Earth is this blonde woman suppose to be?

And Anne is suppose to be the Red-head right? I saw her mother alive in earlier comics.

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Anne has naturally blond hair that she died black during her punk phase. She's also the one retelling her half of the story. The red-head is Lisa, who was the from the entire first half of Sunstone.

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AkseloddNew Deviant

Ally: Natural dark hair. Dead dad.

Anne: Dark dyed hair. Dead mom.

Lisa: Red hair. Alive parents.

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WeeraxHobbyist Writer

It's lovely to see Lisa again. She looks even better with long hair.

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DrWolfseaHobbyist Digital Artist

I think there's a typo with since where it states "sinrce my dad died".

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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist


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I gess at this point the only Dark Side Ally has left to show to Alan is all her nerdy stuff. I don't belive se means anything kinky XD

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My thoughts exactly xDDD

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sLy2kHobbyist General Artist

These are truly excellent ! Great read, can't wait to have em' in my bookshelf.

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sloncheProfessional Interface Designer

Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed this strip a lot! Can i find a version of this without the green spots somewhere?

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Bloody awesome as always.

Sidenote : Why would Alan not want to finish in her mouth, is that like a Taboo in some countries?/ Was it less normalised in an age before internet porn?

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tastes bitter as hell

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I think it's just that Alan doesn't know if Ally would be into that (not everyone who gives blowjobs enjoys getting a mouthful), and so he's erring on the side of caution, which is the decent thing to do. We don't know if Ally's ever done that before, but if so, maye she always had him finish outside.

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and so instead its all in her hair XD

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Meow2puchikoHobbyist General Artist

That dark side is so Ally's long term online gaming and i am here for it.

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keytobias5Hobbyist Writer

Thank you for posting them here too! Its hard to find on your twitter sometimes with all the posts there.

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ClassicalSalamanderHobbyist Digital Artist

Ah, this one is so good! :D

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Great story telling

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WarriorNunHobbyist Traditional Artist

OAO..Ally's mom...

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CptCogHobbyist General Artist

" you my dark side", as she's got a Deathnote poster over her shoulder. Choice.

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