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sunstone 7 055-061

By shiniez
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a bit of a transitional update before the craziness is unleashed :P
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© 2020 shiniez
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Love this and I just finished reading Death Vigil and now Laura reminds me of Lana :)

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Az-tekProfessional General Artist

I started reading Sunstone yesterday and I could not stop. I'm blown away this is amazing.

camrynblue's avatar


this is amazing work

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BornAngelAuthorHobbyist Artist

Now I'm confused about where in the timeline things are, but I love it. XD

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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist

it's all organized in gallery folders under chapters. nothing confusing about it, you just gotta read it in order :)

BornAngelAuthor's avatar
BornAngelAuthorHobbyist Artist

I have been, I just need to go back and reread apparently. ^^; I was all caught up before this I thought, but apparently I missed something. ^^;

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NoidEXEProfessional Filmographer

So "NO TITANIC" is the nude painting world equivalent of "NO GHOSTING"?

RoyceGrey's avatar

I may be one of the very few people who haven't seen that stupid movie.

Oh, I can feel the tension! This is so much fun!

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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist

Another amazing page

FearlessXIII's avatar

Always love your style and humour, allthough that "draw me like one of your..." joke sailed right over my head. I don't get the refrence.

Probably watching the wrong movies...

On a side note: ever since DA changed to this "briliant" new layout, I don't get notifications for your posts anymore...

frontgardendeadfish's avatar
"Draw me like one of your french girls" from Titanic
smithca1988's avatar

Same. Disappointing but parts of the old like background color needed to change from that dated gray color and update the buttons so they were easier to read.

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jebestStudent General Artist

for a quick moment, thought you were gonna have the dad show up unannounced and make things awkward for the couple

Villainous-Muse's avatar

Yes, thank you. "Draw me like one of your french girls"

Fucking... can't even begin to describe how tired of hearing that shit I am. Every time I'm drawing in public - less so these days, I don't go out much - someone makes a crack about french girl drawing. Shut the fuck up people, the movie came out 20+ years ago now. It's not funny.

Honestly whenever someone says that to me, my retort is "Sure, take off your clothes and sit over there". Usually shuts them up because they forgot that the whole "french girl" drawing conceit was a reason to show Kate Winslet naked on screen.

Obluda252's avatar

:-) little ... agitated (read: pissed off) ... explanation but thank you anyway. Those of us who have not seen Titanic movie in english are hopelessly lost in such sparse references.

Villainous-Muse's avatar

Less of an explanation and more of an agreement with a character's annoyance with something I experienced with an almost 100% success rate every time I pulled out my sketchbook in public.

All I wanted to do was doodle a room or a tree or some naked girl from my imagination and some smart ass has to hover over my shoulder and be like "Draw me like one of your french girls, hurr hurr"

Obluda252's avatar

Oh, I totally understand your point, no worry. ;-) Yet you were one who explained that line to me, so, thank you for that.

By the way, this comic has lot of depth to characters, it's quite easy to relate. Big applause to Shiniez. It's not easy to live a kinky life and he tends to hit all the right tones in the Sunstone series. It's a shame to see him being practically forced to leave. DA was once most tolerant platform around, now it's turning into quite a biased one.

Villainous-Muse's avatar

You're welcome :)

Deviant Art is hardly the most tolerant platform to begin with, a bit hypocritical and inconsistent with their standards at best and an absolute shit show at worst.

But that seems to be how it goes. Platforms make their success off the backs of the adult-artists out there, then decide they want to go "legit and respectable" and kick all their adult-artists off. Tumblr did it, Patreon did it, if DA hasn't done it yet, I'm sure it's coming.

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saamychanHobbyist General Artist

i am kinda sad they didnt work out

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SilcronHobbyist Writer

It's so good. I love how you do your characters

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TaeYukkiStudent General Artist
celticphox's avatar

I want more! I want more! I want more! I want... more?

ArtbyMaryC's avatar
ArtbyMaryCHobbyist General Artist

XD that closing line

dreameroftheblue's avatar
dreameroftheblueProfessional General Artist

your work is always so pleasing to look at, and dialogue and characters so realistic, you're one of the few artists I always go "!!!" to see an update from xD

(also, I see a few typos in this one - would they be helpful to point out?)

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