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sunstone 7 048-054

By shiniez
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© 2020 shiniez
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nonbankfiddleHobbyist Traditional Artist

You're a legend

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blackstonecaHobbyist Writer

This was a nice little ray of joy after several days in the hospital. You rock sir.

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Reading your comics has been such a huge help in keeping me grounded and at ease. Seeing your unsettled characters making complete messes of themselves one minute and then find the strength to pick themselves up and keep on trying means more than I can put into words.

I adore seeing these two develop over time just as much as I did Lisa and Allison. Thank you so much for creating these characters and this amazing world!

From-the-sea's avatar

MARIANNE OF MY DARK HEART!!!:heart: :shakefist:

atrimislegnacra's avatar
atrimislegnacraStudent General Artist

I try to send people here all the time; such a great story. Love every moment of it!

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MiouQueuingHobbyist Photographer

Is ... Is that Wolverine in the last panel? I could swear it's him.

Wonderful art as always! Cannot wait to get the bound volume in my hand.

PTMC-Pilot's avatar

love it! as always. :)

asmirnov's avatar

The switch between jealousy and happines is so.. natural, so bright

snowflymoo's avatar

you can't just stop here like that!!!!


wooow I love your art so much

the emotion and the color

it's just like a dream and I'm so glad I discovered your work

Stay safe and healthy and looking forward to next and every update

RoyceGrey's avatar

That was goofy and sweet. But you can see the looks.

thegoodestwaffle's avatar
And I'm grinning like an idiot again.
Knurrwolf's avatar

You are allways delivering the perfect mixture of everyday life, romance, erotic and simple joy. Thank you for every comic and picture you made :-)

P.S. I forgot stupid fun of course ;-)

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jactinglimProfessional General Artist

OMG I can see your art get so much better!

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BornAngelAuthorHobbyist Artist

this is simply amazing! Every Rocker has a dream about their favortie artist singing to them and for a moment, I was right there with her. :lovelymelt:

FeatheredRose's avatar

You are such an amazing artist. No lie, the stories and visual styal have enchanted me for a long time. Your characters are some of the best I have seen. I know you must get this a lot. Let me say thank you. Sunestone helped pass the time and i have been inspired by more than a few pieces of your work. Keep up the amazing work.

TomtomZ's avatar

really loving these updates, on a side note, you going back to the more flashed out style of drawing? instead of the bit more comic-like style like in this first 3 panels of this? i like both, but thought the more work only went in splashpages, because it takes alot more time. either way great work and hoping for some printing news in the future.

shiniez's avatar
shiniezProfessional Digital Artist

no. i just sometimes make flashier pages because i feel like it :) the moment felt right here :)

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TheArmyArtistHobbyist Artisan Crafter

what a dork

I approve

remuko's avatar

God this story is so fking CUTE T_T im too gay for this xD

HocusPocusFocus's avatar
HocusPocusFocusHobbyist Traditional Artist

HAhahah I loved her double chin face.

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LadyDuLazyHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks! Can't wait for the new page:happybounce:

Myria-Ssorcam's avatar
Myria-SsorcamHobbyist Traditional Artist

I giggled like an idiot at the "I thought you were gonna show her your tits!", good thing I wear a mask at work! X'D

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SeaquesterHobbyist Digital Artist

Amazing artwork and dialog! This is what good comics aspire to be. Excellent work!

dax25012000's avatar

It's amazing what the right person can do to quell all those nagging voices.

I want to write a 10 paragraph comment about how much your comics have meant to me, but there's only so much I can say over and over again before becoming a nuisance. Suffice to say, your artwork, story telling, and beautifully flawed characters are one of the brightest sources of light for me whenever things get dark. Thank you for the amazing work you do! :love:

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