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sunstone 7 039-047

By shiniez
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I don't know who made me laugh more: the banter between the couple, or Anne's dad busting on her remorselessly.

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Before printing this into a book, remember to fix the spelling :)

22 and all adult? Haha, Anne has lot to learn ^,^

I wish I had my life figured out and I'm 29... living in a new country with my partner and fighting depression. Should be all clear already, huh x)

I've dated guy who was 8y older than me, he did not make is a problem, so why should I had worried? Except when another one starts talking about a baby... (whoa stud, slooooooowwww down! He was 31, I was 23.)

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RedHoodClothingProfessional General Artist

She thinks Laura has her life together at 22? Oh Anne, you sweet muffin, you!

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FdgaR0Hobbyist Digital Artist

This is really helpful for a younger person discovering things about themself, thank you for this and the drawings are beautiful

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FriKittyProfessional Digital Artist

Lmao I wish I had my life figured out at 22. Or now.

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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist

so does laura XD

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geramdrirHobbyist Digital Artist

Wow! Amazing continuation!

Love the many levels that come together here - with that other relationship evolving - the situationwith her dad (which is also drawn in detail with him making joke sin teh end) - and finally her falling back into her fears and thinking about her development beautifully illustrated by showing her expressions - and her drawings.

An outstanding way to tell a story -- really amazing!

i guess You english speaking people say kudos...

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sLy2kHobbyist General Artist

So much question for a 19 y.o girl ^^

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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist

Another great installment and very realistic.

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IllyDragonflyHobbyist General Artist
Just to partially defend Laura... as somebody who dated an older man (and who still does)...  Sometimes it's inevitable to be looked down at as if you couldn't understand 'grown up things', it's hella annoying... but the elder of the pair can too feel uneasy with the age gap and could not want to burden you with all their problems and feelings. Communication is key.
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
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AridaxProfessional Digital Artist

Your storytelling KICKS as usual! Thanks for giving images and text to a mature perspective of maturing

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SparrovvsStudent General Artist
I'm not a big commenter since I'm weird but this kinda knocked the wind outta me
Because everything she described reminds me a lot of recent stuff I've dealt with
like down to even the ages.
It does honestly feel like catching up but still falling back
And yeah I agree not everyone is really gonna have their life figured out by 23 
But to me, and Marianne, wanting to grow up it looks like they do have it figured out. 
The thought that something so good won't last is painful and stressing
And yeah you try to look on the bright side, like "hey we're still hella young we'll have other chances"
It doesn't make the thought of something falling apart suck any less though.
DMMWolf's avatar

The absolute pain and horror... of catching up to the Author on a series you have come to love and realizing you have to stop your binge and wait for the next release...

snowflymoo's avatar

Love this update! I'm also in the phase of not figuring it out and I really relate to Anne.

Ninja-Jedi's avatar
I love how you do the comedy in this series.
DragonmanX-90's avatar
You sir have a gift for writing good dialogue.
Ninja-Jedi's avatar
totally agree
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I really hate this edition of Deviant Art... I don't get updates when my watched artists update stuff. All I get are the updates telling me that my stuff is getting likes, is there a way to enable watched artist updates?

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Look, I can't model for you.  I'm twitchy.  You'd die laughing.  I've killed three art students so far, there cannot be a fourth.

Yeah, gaps like that  can be hard. 
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WarriorNunHobbyist Traditional Artist

I remember I ran into a nude model project back in college, this was after I was in the Philippines for one last time. I was shocked and embarrassed at first but I learned to get used to it and focus on my sketching. I think it helped me with the contour method.

CatloversPaw's avatar
CatloversPawHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hmm... I don't think someone aged 23 has "figuered her life out" ... On the other hand, someone aged 19 might have that impression... Heh, I know for a fact that I hadn't figured my life out with 23... no, sir :D

Akatsuki4eva666's avatar

Yep, I do a lot of adult things and I still feel like a kid. But to an outsider, especially someone in their teens, I might look like a whole adult

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vircophHobbyist Writer
Nobody said Laura has it... it's just her subjective impression of it...
Self-doubts are a bitch. >.<
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