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such irony! XD

By shiniez
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it's all about finding that certain someone you can be weird with

now some update time

i have by the 20th of this month deadline to deliver sunstone book 1 to print, after thati will take a moment to produce the new strip 

i'll try to post some fun stuff inbetween, :)
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restrainedvulgarity's avatar
So cute! Great picture, great scene. Got me thinking: does nipple tape give the wearer the illusion of immunity to clamps?
japanis's avatar
And she ends in such a really beautiful jacket
It's like the time I picked up a girl by the two of us proving what utter goobers we were, and then realising that we had it in common. :)
lonelyzentai's avatar
"it's all about finding that certain someone you can be weird with" and "you had me at 'lick my boot'".

Brilliant. =p
spudman98's avatar
Definitely a better BD/SM love story than 50 Shades and Twilight combined, great work on the art and the comic my friend
Just love this picture. The dialogue is funny, romantic and believable. It's the first BD/SM bondage picture that ever made me go, "Awwwwww. How sweet."
LordDarkstarr's avatar
<chuckle> Love hurts... especially if it's done right! :) (Smile)

trishna87-animated + smirk Right Ally and Lisa?
Bad jokes..........op
You are fucking right. ô.o
NachoMon's avatar
Good luck with all the stuff and release!
kareca88's avatar
So much irony that Magneto felt attracted
PhilipJeanPierre's avatar
LindenLixr's avatar
I absolutely love this!
F-14D's avatar
love it hahaha
i like to see a little more neck kiss next time. it feels good once you get a kiss on the neck :)
FDChief's avatar
The way you write and draw these two is utterly sweet.
Uthardar's avatar
*sigh* i wish i could fined a connection like that :EatingMyOwnValentinesCandy: 
ThatLady's avatar
D'aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww... You guys :'D This is gorgeous.
qq2's avatar
Is there a chance we could get a high res version of this without the text blurb's? The composition, colors and the love depicted are perfect for our 'playroom'.
I'd love to be able to order a high res print so I can put it on the wall
TheConsortOfSummer's avatar
Have you ever tried to visualize what subspace would be like? Not the external, the internal experience. That would be an interesting concept to draw!
shiniez's avatar
i plan on covering it indepth in marion's chapters  :)
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