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some fun work in progress pieces

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© 2020 shiniez
something to kill the time while i'm working through the next sunstone update :)
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GavinMichelliProfessional Digital Artist
"Graphic Design: How Hard Can it Be" HAHAHAHAA that is so perfect! I need that on a t-shirt, stat!
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geramdrirHobbyist Digital Artist

Wonderful work - thanks for sharing :D

DonFernando's avatar
I see what you did there.
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That is fun.  Thanks.
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hearts-and--bonesHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Ketchup: can it make you smarter? An exclusive interview with researcher Dr. Vlad Stein"
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Got a laugh from the back to the future reference. nice shout out for Blood Stain. :)

Out of all the images that's the one that sticks with me... Aw well. Great visual arts, as always, thanks for sharing!

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SO SEXY. And the nod to Bloodstain is awesome. The last panel reminds me that a certain day is coming up next Wednesday where you typically release something I adore and look forward to every year it comes out. Is it coming out again this year, or are your thumb privileges completely revoked? (PS I have logic workarounds if you need them for the next installment if you don't have them already!)

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ClassicalSalamanderHobbyist Digital Artist
Ketchup can not in fact make you smarter, although there's good evidence that catsup can! ;p

Great art, love these WiPs :heart:
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Hello all, and Damn, its 17:thirty whatever, this was posted some time `yesterday` and has since had ten THOUSAND plus views???!!! already!?

So those images above, I agree, are seriously hot !

And I close my eyes, and try to imagine another six to eight Years down the road, and wonder where it is and where you've taken us all on this journey You started back when?

Just some images, a dab of dialogue, oh, and the theme itself flared in to being within you.

May you Create as long as your soul is in it. Thank you.

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.  It should be against some law of nature for something to be this hot.  Then again; if it was, pretty sure no one would obey that law.
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I giggled at those last two panels. x)

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Awesome set of art work! :D (Big Grin) Clap Love :happybounce: 
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DarwinsMishapHobbyist General Artist
lol- I love your WIPs
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Cheshire525's avatar

I miss this story lol

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Perfect time for a Quarantine! 8-0
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FallenAngelGMHobbyist Writer
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DarkerEveProfessional Digital Artist
Heheh awesome
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Dammit just give us Alan crossdressing you fiend!  I didn't even know that that was a thing till I read the Sunstone entry on TVTropes and now I want to feel horny, envious and depressed simultaneously.
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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist
Love Heart 
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