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some days you just feel like gollum

just a shot form the next installment, should be up in a few days :)
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urrrgh i really want a canvas of this, but it costs more to ship it than the print? Even with core the cost is $200 total to post to Scotland :/ 
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but it also made me think of the lord of the ring. me precious, precious. never can forget that scene.
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I will be buying this one next
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One of the most beautiful scenes and pieces in the series - really.
<3 <3 <3 
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So emotional, great job, like a boss ...
currently my desktop background
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So epic! Much emotional! Too peaceful!
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Sorry, arriving late to this Sunstone game.  All I can say is... is... a masterpiece!
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God it's beautiful.
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I admit I am a fan.  And of all the work you have done since the very beginning, This image is the one that, for me, embodies what these two characters feel for one another.

Sometimes as creators of artistic endeavor we produce something that showcases what we are trying to say as an artist.
And you have produced the thought, the image, and the essence of Allison and Lisa

I salute you!
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What happened to the hardcopy version of this in volume 4.... It's like it was viciously attacked in ms paint >~<
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To this day, this piece make me smile in the heart.
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lovesHeart this series the most bravo:happybounce: '
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Still love this piece. :)
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LOVE this image! It is my favourite from the series - there is so much emotion!!Love 
I wish there was an option for a 20x40 in print. That "HEH... MY PRECIOUS..." is adding so much to the image.
I also like longer paintings like this one compared to the dimensions we usually see.
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This is one of my favourite Sunstone images, the detail, the tenderness, the beauty of the figures.....the terrible shame it wasn't the same in Volume 3...
Hate to even imagine dissing your work sir, I'm a fan of just about all you've done, but those fat shading lines in the print version - why?!
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I freaking love this story! My partner looks just like Ally, right down to the glasses and beauty mark. :P Love this picture
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I have been following "Sunstone" for a year.  This is still one of my favorite panels.  Love and trust.
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