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so you want a tshirt..make your own damn tshirt XD

here is a high rez version , feel free to edit it , change colors do whatever you well please :) drop me a photo if you end up making it, curious to see your color variations :)

for straight fans you can just edit it to say "the only straighter thing than me is my jacket" XD
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Soooooo making one of these.

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I am totally doing that hahaha
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I might get that as a shirt! And I'm a domme xP
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Do you wanna make a t-shirt?
Come on it's time to play!
Now you can kneel right on the floor,
You I adore
You've got a jacket and it's straaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiight!

This is so going to be my gay Pride t-shirt!!!!
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Any chance of getting a vector version of this? The plotter hates pixels.
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I am damn tempted to actually make a shirt out of this... However I doubt it would go over particularly well at school. 
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it wood not i dont evin thank you can war that at school
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hmmm... why not? I just moved, so why not make some new friends while wearing a T-shirt with I'm tempted ^^
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Haha I'd love to have a shirt like this~<3
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I love these two jacket pieces. this one reminds me of a phrase my wife and I have used for a couple of years. "The only thing straight about our marriage are our priorities."
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I am 100% making this t-shirt and wearing it EVERYWHERE. I will drop off a photo when I do!
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I love this! I might consider making it a T-shirt since there's a shirt maker shop in my mall. c:
I will post this with credit and linking to your page, if I can... :)
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This will be a shirt in my wardrobe... eventually! ^_^;
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super nice !! ;D
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i'm straight and i don't care XDDD i'd ware it! fave :love:
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oh boy i loove it xD
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SHIT!~ you weren't kidding! they're HUGE!!!
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Great idea,lol~:iconfailcatplz:
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I need to give this to my gay friend he'd love it.
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