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so.... nice to meet you

By shiniez
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dont you hate it when you meet someone with whom you chat every day online.. any that weird mental block thing happens, and you find yourselves talking about weather....

soo annoying
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RE-reading this
love the story

and all of a sudden i get "No Mr. Bond. I expect you to cum" in my heads.....i'm not sorry
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That mental block you get when you meet someone you chatted with online?
I don't get it that bad. What I do is I basically rehash literally everything that was discussed online. 
That helps a lot to get the momentum started for in person interactions. 
This is especially true when your internet conversations involved specific negotiations about hard limits, safe words, and interests.
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DeviantArtest99Hobbyist General Artist
"Still too young to be a cat lady."
Obviously, you don't know my sister.
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i love Ally's goofy little "nerdery" while waiting for Lisa, but the James Bond-quote is off.. Goldfinger never had a cat... <xD
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Yeah. I believe that was Blofeld's schtick.
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indeed it was. 

it shows something when all you have to do is drop a one-liner with or without a name and everyone will know exactly what you're talking about. XD
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God o mighty, this is going to be good.
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LilithAlmightyHobbyist Digital Artist
OMGGG my heart my little heart. I need this in my life. you have touched my little tiny heart
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I'm enjoying their interaction so much! So lovely. And Allison's house is incredibly nice. 
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Now I'be got the scooby doo theme stuck in my head and will probably associate it with BDSM for the rest of my life. I love you XD
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Edeline-AveryHobbyist Writer
Yush, I am not the only one like this!!! XD
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tucrazStudent Traditional Artist
This comment made my day! Thank you :D
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EllaPressStudent General Artist
THOSE BATHROOM TILES. How long did that take you? Did you use a pattern on them?
Also, loved it. They're both so genuine. 
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KhristofeHobbyist General Artist
Last sentence is P E R F E C T  !!!
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0mniessenceHobbyist Writer
i like that they broke the ice by talking first :3
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This one is an absolute treat!  I love how Allison suddenly gains back some confidence in the wake of  Lisa being so flustered.  The expressions on their faces in every single panel speaks volumes about what is going on in their heads.

I love the phrase "scary beautiful."  It's perfect for Allison, and such an easy concept to grasp.

Above all, I love how at first they are both seated with their backs against the chairs, and then Lisa scoots forward in the next panel, and then both of them are on the edges of their seats.  A simple but oh-so powerful visual of how the connection between them is growing!
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Guess reading that guest comic for Oh Joy, Sex Toy about proper S&M handling is being used surprisingly well herw and I'm pretty sure this page came out before that came out and last page before that was the creators opinion on a certain book we know that's similar to this story but this is way better
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
oh? i missed that one, you got a link?
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Go to the Hiveworks website look for the comic and search under guest cimics, website is called, thank this chivalrous pervert later, and yes I have been reading alot of TV Tropes
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Oh my God..,.illustrating communication before engagement?! Hell yes.  
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ReivaxMehliugHobbyist General Artist
HHHNNNNNRRRGGGGHHHH that kiss scene was so perfect!
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ViviandianaHobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha the bond comment
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BriskenzuHobbyist General Artist
Its so adorable. :3
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