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so i saw the newghostbusters...


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and gozer has a certain kind of energy XD

also, not gonna lie... i plan on finishing this one
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It's time for the next one!

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idk why, but the idea of her having a punk pixie cut vibes with me

LMAO!!!! Classic!!!! Your work comes in equal parts sexy and nerdy and it's AWESOME ^_^

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Nice. I still love Gozer. I'd be a slave for her any day.

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There is only Zuul

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Love the hound suits

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BEE_YOU_TEE_FULL! I'll admit I had a thing for Gozer.

Just say yes you can begin this!

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Well, there's something you don't see everyday.

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The perfect crossover doesn't exis....

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*SPIT* CAN you pull the tail peg out my ass

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Who are the doggies?

Lisa and Anne?

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I love how Alan is just not amused with Ally's shit, and how Ally is a constant nerd.

A friendship forged in heaven.

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Heh. It never came to mind that the Ghostbusters franchise could be ripe with so much bondage reference potential.

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And I enjoyed it. I also enjoy the Sandstone graphic novels. Any more coming? This is awesome work.

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Sunstone you mean? And its been updated about once a month or so, but its focused on alan and anna now. Alan's long journey.

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And she also did the "Are you the Key Master" joke already. I'm starting to think that Ghostbusters had this subtext all along.

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Compared to films I've seen from the 1960's, the ones made in the 1980's were tame.

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