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so i made a print- i call it: shipping intensifies

By shiniez
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because december!

i put the mature filter because sunstone! XD
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© 2014 - 2020 shiniez
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and thats the pc screen!

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Perry Christmas 
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I like ships. I like trains. Jump on the bandwagon.
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AnticiaJKProfessional General Artist
Daaaaaw, the trap has been closed XDDDD
Go Anne, go Alan! :dummy:
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TelikorHobbyist Digital Artist
Very good visualisation of the people around them trying to get them together.
Is this perhaps telling of future events? That their friends will take it upon themselves to try and... "guide" them down the road to recovery? Because I would dig that. What are good friends for if not helping you realise what an idiot you are?
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GrimTales29Hobbyist Digital Artist
*puts head in hands* oh my god he's so hot
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This is so cute >w<!
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Vix-The-Winter Digital Artist
I like the pun in the tittle XD
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MarrusQStudent Artist
Having spent some time on the internet (Thanks tvtropes!) I can now fully appreciate the glory of this magnificient work of art.
Or, to put it otherwise, for all of those who think TL and thus DR:
IKR ;)
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Gotta love the fact that the only reason you put a tag was that one xD
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dragonmaiden50Hobbyist General Artist
Allen looks so effing smexy! 
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AzurewhiteroseStudent Digital Artist
Hey, awesome. cx So cute. :heart:
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So sweet!!
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PixleighHobbyist General Artist
I'm not usually a fan of FemalexFemale or MalexMale ships, not because im a homophobic, I just..don't like them...HOWEVER. Sunstone is AMAZING. I need to buy a print :p
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StGeorgeProfessional Writer
I hear you totally - my hubby was the original fan and pulled me into it. The difference between this and most same-sex books, IMO, is that this carries far beyond the simple physical pleasures. It's about two people connecting and loving each other with all the troubles that come along for it. If it were a written book it'd be a best-seller - I have no doubt it'll top the charts as a graphic novel!
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MajorfreakingcupcakeHobbyist General Artist
Am I the only one who looks at Alan's hair and thinks; Damn I wish my hair was that perfect.
Just... Alan's hair.
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AmalaKethvinProfessional Writer
No, but I do say that about Ally's hair...
Majorfreakingcupcake's avatar
MajorfreakingcupcakeHobbyist General Artist
Okay, fair.
The point is; unf. Dat hair.
AmalaKethvin's avatar
AmalaKethvinProfessional Writer
Yes, I am amazingly jealous.
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AllebyHobbyist Digital Artist
damn Alan.... <3
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Love it ^^
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LapinDeFerHobbyist Digital Artist
Merry Christmas!!
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I can't help it. I know he just exists on paper, but I find Alan a ridiculously attractive character. I really love all of your comics, I'm visiting this page nearly everyday in hope of updates :heart: 
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KunamichanStudent General Artist
Sha-la-la-la-la-la Don’t be scared~
You got the mood prepared 
Go on and kiss the girl 
Sha-la-la-la-la-la Don’t stop now~
Don’t try to hide it how 
You wanna kiss the girl 
(someone had to do it :P)
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