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so Allison is a bit of a nerd...who knew?

By shiniez
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far all of you who dont get the joke, both of these are songs from the little mermaid XD
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i wish i was put in a suit like that

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можно я поплаваю с дельфинами в таком костюме.

надеюсь сзади тоже открыто .

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Congratulations, awsome art.
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Wow, that mermaid outfit is really stunning~!
(I'm just checking out your gallery. Got a bit curious of what you have here~)
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Richard did it better, the singing.
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One of the best fetish pics I have ever seen (really)
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Holy....I'm in Wendy's waiting for breakfast and they just played a piano & violin arrangement of Part of Your World. I immediately thought of this.
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Would be funny if someone walked in on them. . . seeing as they are probably outside. =)
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I knew it! The redheads... Lisa is Ariel! and Anastasia. and Black Widow. And... (etc.) But mostly Ariel.
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so is this going to be in chapter 4?

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Unbelievable, it's very very cool!!!
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she fits her slave with the head gear to help her breathe under water and wh3en forces her into the water
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Please tell me a suit like that actually exists!
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Yes they do! Look on e-bay or google "latex mermaid tail". You're welcome!
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xD Great work, Hun. My GF and I had a good laugh.
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outstanding. Love the colours.
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Well, that is quite an outfit
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I wish this was real
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Teehee. Sooooo sexy and cute at the same time. :D
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I cannot wait to see this in the comic <3 I have been wondering about this situation since you posted it
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I was so angry at my theater group because we're going to make that horrible musical next year, but now... I'm thinking again hehehe. It's a big praise ^^
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