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sir yes sir!

and now either i do a few strips of nothing but awkward silence or i go for character development and personal histories.... wot to dooo wot to dooo???? XD

rhethorical question of course XD
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DragonmanX-90's avatar
It's reading comics and stories like this with a romantic or at least erotic angle that make me realize how lonely I really am...
XxNightSparrowxX's avatar
damit i thought it was the chicken but the monthly "visitor" Has come!
Lisa has a nice outfit
universe1919's avatar
Well, this opens to something new.
I lurv how you draw talk bubbles :) 
FlashD81's avatar
Funny I thought I posted the following before: That outfit on Ally is smoking hot. Also I love how cute Lisa and Ally look in the last panel. 
0mniessence's avatar
ally is so understanding aw
EstaMujer's avatar
Amazing, i was wondering what should happen with this things XD
*sigh* My fap sesh has become a reading sesh till 1am...

Damn this is good.
That outfit is the sexiest thing ever.
stealth694's avatar
I like this, To many relationships center on sex.  They usually crash and burn, better to become both friends and lovers.
rosepiramid's avatar
how do you do outfits ohmygosh and ughghghghg the character development and it's not all sex, it's fuckin emotional which is great for me and I swear to God ufakdlsjflaskjdf;lkj stop it dammit I'm falling appart it's 1:10 am and I have school tomorrow and a quiz first thing in the morning and fuck this is such a good read I wanna write like you ;3;
iiwishiiwasazombie's avatar
but where can outfits like these be found? :Ø
look at House of Harlot... though there are a few highly skilled craftsmen of fine latex outfits, HoH stands out as a likely inspiration for Ally's collection 
genuinely sweet....there is nothing like discovering that you have found something new and shiny to call your own.
xXCyanideLollipopXx's avatar
Your work is amazing!!!
It would be so nice to have hard copy of this, but there isn't a coffee table big enough... :)
Grey-Wolf1's avatar
How do you come up with these uniforms? They are amazing!
Swoopmott's avatar
I just have to say, these outfits are fabulous
Mariachiman's avatar
Someone is going to earn her RED WINGS
The-BenT-One's avatar
I'm not normally fond of red and green in an outfit, but DAYUM.
HakuRox's avatar
awwww they're still gonna do it on her period....that's so cute T^T
JellyfishGreen's avatar
I just discovered this today and its bringing back some nice "Strangers in Paradise" memories :)
AuskaTarquinEireonus's avatar
We really enjoy character development as it get's the reader invested into the characters and makes the story more enjoyable.
-Auska Tarquin
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