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sigh...years and years to go...

abusing my time machine a bit..

tho sunstone definitely has a planned ending ....i am soo far from it it aint even funny XD

ah well back to work, next page to be finished
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Can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait! Excited beyond belief.
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and now it ended...

time flies huh? still eagerly awaiting "mercy" :D
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Why would it be funny? It's wonderful! It means we get to enjoy Lisa and Ally's escapades, and live vicariously through their trials, triumphs, and trip-ups (well that alliteration failed; anybody got a decent alternative T-word for failure?) for a while to come!
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you're closer now to the ending tho
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Not as close as you might think. We're two-thirds through chapter 5. Sunstone has 20 chapters (allegedly).
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Mr Sejic has said at some point in the past that Sunstone has 20 planned chapters. We are on 5. Lots ta go.
considering we have had 5 since 2012, 5/4 per year, 20 should take until 2028...which is a good thing
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Oh then more to enjoy!
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Stop the spoilers, you bad man. Bad, baaaad man.
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...Colin Firth is her dad?
The worst moment would be the first meeting between Alan and Anne's parents, when daddy will ask THE question: "And what's your job exactly?" Should be epic. XD
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I guess the most diplomatic approaches would be furniture designer or carpenter?
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lol i can see it now "oh furniture designer... you should show me your work!"
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cue Alan scrambling to get something PG made
Jesus christ I now have this picture of alan meeting my mom in my head. Why did you have to do this, actually?
Amen to that....I'm hoping for at least 50 chapters ! 
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Kinda sad that there is a ending to sunstone, lets hope after some 20 chapters hey ;)
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I just fell on this page at random by clicking on the right. Dember 2012. Tis been a while :)
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You know if you keep doing this to me I'm going to make my own story line.....but with stick
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I'm in love with that dress. Also, please please PLEASE let it be Alan the one with the bird's nest!
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