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she did eventually overcome her dislike of rope...

By shiniez
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ally did get over her dislike of rope eventually, ...and trust me, she had a good reason to dislike rope, and a good reason to get over it...

and no its nothing excessively dark and morbid...

yeah i know a few of your brains clicked that way....

but it was serious...but well get to that part..

till then... look its summer ! XD
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You know, I can't help but sense a hidden, almost subliminal sexual aspect to this work, carefully concealed by yourself. I'm really perceptive that way.

(Sorry. Lame joke on my part. Anyway this is great and you are a genius. That's all.)
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If there was a proper like function for comments on DA, you would get one from me.
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Beautifully done!
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Sly looks like she's having fun
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Great job! Keep it up!
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I want to be tied up and receiving that whip and I want to be Ally using the whip all at the same time.  This picture is phenomenal.  Will it be published?
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Glad you got the tan lines in there though because it'd be weird if they didn't have tan lines... unless they were nudists 8O.
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the pic that follows is hilarious
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That piercings though
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Dislike of rope? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Hemp is the staff of life!
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Very beautiful picture
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Yep...Gonna have me some good dreams tonight.
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Okay..... Yummy.
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Nothing excessively dark? *eyebrow raise*
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well, it ended well, so the statement holds true :)
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Good lord, this is amazing!
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This is brilliant, been looking through our window? lol xx
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