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sappy and cheesy... like sappy cheese

just a bit of a valentines pic, and tomorrow a new strip... cyall
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Adorable and Brilliant............

Aw... it’s so cute, Stephan!

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when is this one going to be in print
Sappy cheese can be just right.
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possibly one of my favorite drawing of yours - the abandon in the kiss, Ally's fancy dress <3 it's heartwarming
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I never get tired of this... The feel of Lisa just going "fuck it, this feels amazing.." Love:happybounce:  :heart:
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Mmmmm.... sappy cheese.
Like cheese, but with added sap.
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the two on the life reminds me of tony and pepper
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meeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooooo.
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I' have just discover this story in english. It'll be added in my collection (in french). I'm already waiting for the 6st part...

This is a great valentine card !
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I love how Ally is the only one with a flashy dress XD
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Alan looks so cute in this one ^_^
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hope there is a chapter 5 some time down the road
This was the very first pic I found and I fell in love with it. Especially of course Lisa and Ally, (Lisa is "draped" so hungrily over Ally) Which left me gradually collecting all of their strips and trying to put them in order. Very frustrating. Calculating whether Ally's declaration of undying love came in any of the first three chapters was a puzzle. I have now bought the first three books and wait for number four from Amazon on 3rd March. Their story has more complications yet I know but I can hang on to the fact that Lisa becomes Mrs Carter soon!! Thank you, You are a Genius.
I want Ally's dress so much! Oh my goodness, it's so beautiful. :o
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I needa be in this pic, got myself a redhead XD JK
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omg Alan's hair looks so good like that. He should wear it up more often :D 
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I just noticed - all 3 couples have a redhead.
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I think i've seen it at some point XD
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it's almost like i'm a horribly lazy character designer at times XD
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