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By shiniez
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some relationships are like poorly assembled jigsaw puzzles you must dismantle them before doing it right :)

also, yeah, i'm having a lot of fun updating old pieces on the side
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I wonder what else life is like for these girls; do either (both) Jog or do other exercises?  Lisa does puzzles, Ally games online, but what about ohh, stuff they both did (and liked, or did Not like) like that `Required` reading list from Sophomore year in HS.  You know; "Little Women", "Animal Farm", "To kill a Mockingbird", or "Tom Sawyer".  There was also Trig, Home Ec, Creative Writing, Earth Sciences, GYM, and so on...  Did they sit in the stands during Assemby before a big game and cheer.... or mope a bit?
You put two people together, and How you did that, and it... just made Magic.  I'm rather envious.
Sitting there, in warm fading sunlight...
Everything is perfect.  Thank you.
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they are so in love
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Heyas Shiniez :)  I was wondering if you'd mind if I converted this pic to 3D.
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
go for it, also pics or it didn't happen! XD
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Let me know what you think :)
Oh, and it requires a 3D tv/monitor, set to left to right correction.…
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Lol, I should have it sorted out in a day or so. I'll post a link here on DA to it once it's done :)
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MSEE-ArtichokeHobbyist General Artist
They aren't wearing leather and PVC for once and they look so normal. 
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
 most of the time in the comic they are dressed normally :) 
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you are creator, you know the truth.
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I love everything about this picture :swoon: 
Finally got around to framing and putting up the print I got from Deviantart, and it's really brightening up the room.
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It's nice to see them casual and chilling out. <3
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This would make a great mouse mat :D
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michaeldykesHobbyist General Artist
So picturesque...I really envy those two.
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Say Shiniez, I was wondering how i should read Chapter 5, I'm afraid it's a little bit out of order on my end.
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denofshadowsHobbyist Writer
Aww.... I really like this one. I mean, I obviously don't mind all the normal, kinky stuff (:D), but it's still nice to just see them regular, and happy together.
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That's very sweet.
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So beautiful. Your work is terrific.
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DaarkaProfessional General Artist
You wouldn't happen to have this in desktop wallpaper size, would you? >u<
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DaarkaProfessional General Artist
I wish I could favorite this a million times, because this is exactly what I'm going through right now. It hurts like hell to pull all the pieces apart but there's something so refreshing and revitalizing and just exciting about putting them back together cleanly. 

Nothing good ever came easy, they say. :) But hope and love are powerful things.
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wait a minute. these aren't the cats i was promised
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MKUGeneratorsUNITEProfessional General Artist
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could some how turn this picture into a puzze?!
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WhiteCrowMoonHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I need more happy. >.<
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