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pale and scrawny is the new sexy i guess

pulling XD
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BuckleyInTheHouse's avatar
Hmmm, I would not kick him out of bed :)
MavenGuy's avatar
I have played/seen RPG games, and I have to say this pretty much does look like it came out of one.
simsplayer's avatar
Damn! he's hot!
VampirePatrice666's avatar
hawt <3
would so let him own me
darktalin's avatar
Don't mind pale nor scrawny buuuut ... flexibility is a MUST :))))))))))))
randomfreakygothgirl's avatar
He's not /that/ scrawny...? XD
He's still a cute character anyway lol
WhiteFadesToBlack's avatar
What PS brushes do you use????
hughvonkarr's avatar
i feel alans pain over his chest and facial hair....or the lack of one lol....still i'd die to have an outfit like that!
Lia-Lu's avatar
O.O...want to go out with me?! <3
Peaceful-Child's avatar
*Wolf whistle* Helloooo, cutie!
He is ALMOST a final boss. He still needs an oversized sword, a few pair of wings(just one isn't enough) and maybe horns.
Cascador's avatar
There's actually a mage outfit in Dragon Age with a bare chest. This reminded me of it. Just felt I had to comment. I just don't understand the logic why gamers would wear it, but to each their own I guess. Is this kind of like a joke about yourself? lol
shiniez's avatar
actually the joke is that his male fetishwear that he creates ends up looking like a lot of the jrpg make villain/antihero designs

(in the comic he is a fetishwear and gear designer) :)
drbrainer's avatar
He could be a cenobite in that outfit ... just sayin ...
byakuya19's avatar
what brushes and program do you use
nerdworld8645911's avatar
pale and scrawny, huh? Guess that explains Edward Cullin
magna4life's avatar
<3 alan needs to wear his creations in the comic. I hope that date of his winds up in this!!
White-Sakurazuka's avatar
He's really hot in this outfit. I like your style and your ideas
RedHeart200's avatar
:sex: :kinky: Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!
RavenLacrimosa's avatar
meow...he can spank me anytime~
Nightwitch-Kitten's avatar
Damn he is hot, he can dominate me anytime
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