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page zero...dun dun dunnnnn...underwhelming huh?

wot a twist hun, anyways this one is gonna be updated into first chapter.

so , why do it this way, well it is simple, through the course of the story i will get into switching monologues, showing stuff from different angles, and have characters state some opinions in hindsight, so i figured this solves my problem and makes the storytelling easie------sure i could have been more clever...buut im a lazy slacker so... what you see is what you get muahahaha
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For whatever reason - this story stuck in my head for years.
And sunstone became the safe word of choice.
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Thank you
Reading this story silenced a very nasty voice sitting in the back of my mind. I am grateful for having that rock lifted from my conciousness.
Idk if you will ever read this, but your story, the explanation... It means half a world to me.
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buut im a lazy slacker so. - OH, I do not think so - to write a story in this fashion 
takes heaps of intelligence, creativity, organization and a mind that resembles a file cabinet 

realize I am very late to this conversation and story but your stories are way too wonderful 
to allow you to get away with self deprecation - humility is a wonderful characteristic, but . . . 
Hey boss, I've got a question: is there an inscription on Ally's ring?
Not doubting you, but has Stjepan said this?  Looking for something 'official'.
I was talking about this but now I saw that the question was about Ally and not from Lis, sorry.
No problem. Your intentions were good. ^_^
"fuck it! procrastrination time!" :D brilliant ^^
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I´ve just finished all the story and I´m in a total depression, I want more. I fell completely in love with the story, the characters and obviously, for our domme and our sub :-D
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I think I will start to read it again ^^ sooo this will be my second time reading it, since I just finish this story a few days ago after 2 and some years of letting the book to finish (and then forget the book completely) >.> 

SOOO now I can read it from head to toe :D (let's cry at the end again)
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that's the spirit! XD
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Oh that lip bite makes me swoon
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This gives me extreme feels (mostly stress) as an exactly this doing exactly this.
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I've already purchased Vol.1 on the Amazon.
costs me quite a lot _(:з」∠)_
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How do you make such long pages?
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SO! After having read through the entire story once already, I'm reading it through a second time to see how knowledge of the complete story illuminates past events. Because that's who I am. For the record, this has been one of the most delightfully human things I've ever read, and I'm a Terry Pratchett fan. SO! Here's to a second tour.
Started reading yesterday, and didn't regret a single second! Can't wait to read chapter 5 :3
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Dear lord it has been 5 years!!
666markofthebeast666's avatar
Intriguing! I dabble in writing and I know exactly how your author feels, struggling to start. You capture the feeling so well. That's art, and I've never seen another writer try to capture the discomfort of the beginning. Brava!
Okay, so after reading the entirety of Sunstone about four times, I think it's time I come out of my shell and actually write something.
Thanks for writing this. A lot. I love Sunstone, I love the characters, I love it all. Ally and Lisa are so wonderful and real and their story is so amazing, also my best friend is basically Alan, it's creepy how well that fits.
I'm not lying when I say that this got me interested in the lifestyle in the first place, and I don't think I've ever felt this understood.
So, thank you. Thank you so much.
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Wonderful monologue,coloring, and great thinking. Must read more of this.
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