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night at the crimson 2

sigh... sooo much more to do... we are only at chapter 4 and it will be like 20 of them...

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Okay, so, do spider lady and her trussed up prey get their own story? Cause if so, then I would like links please. (also, If I get to see marco be someones sub, I WILL crack the sound barrier with my squeal of joy. Just saying)
DragonmanX-90's avatar
This may be a comic about BDSM and relationships based around it but it amazes me how insightful some of the conversations can be between all that.
universe1919's avatar
That face expression in the third last panel that Allison made, pure lust.
Colocat's avatar
"Three thumbs up" ...that made my day. XD
Awesome story so far. ^_^
GypsyPyrat's avatar
"It will be like 20 of them" That statement just made my day..possibly my week. 
I swear I'm going to use the " three thumbs up " line somewhere in the near future.
20 chapters!? Yesss
Sarah seemed angry in the previous issue.  I take it she didn't want the assignment.  She seems happier now.  I take it she likes Alan back then and does still.
Soldatoflife's avatar
Yay! 9 pages to read in a row. I like reading lots in a row. Read 505 pages of webcomic recently...gonna give a year bread and read some more. 

*indulges in appreciating 9 pages of your work now*
Indeed! I am looking forward to each and every chapter. 
Dante-Wynter's avatar
20 chapters? Best news I've heard all year!
Grey-Wolf1's avatar
I know right! 
RedHeart200's avatar
When Alan was talking about "the curve" I was holding my breath and didn't realize it. gasp? 
And Er mah gerd!!!:Squee:  The clothes pins, I've seen it done where they're attached to string and the Dom/me pulls them off all at once(after leaving them on for a length of time)...can we say ouch?Waaaah! 

Amazing stuff Jumpin' On the Bed 
LordDarkstarr's avatar
Ah, the "zipper"... always a classic. Never had the courage to try it myself, but those who like it say it's incredible. I'm also told that you shouldn't leave them on for more than five minutes, ten tops, depending on the recipient's pain threshold. Nice thing about using string is that you can do it slowly so that one clothespin pops off at a time (ow! ow! ow!) or fast so that they all come off at once (YEOWTCH!!)
RedHeart200's avatar
Yeowctch is right...Sweating a little... 
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....20.....20?....20?!?!....... OH HELL YEAHLa la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
This is one of them "Ask and you shall receive" things and now i am sooooo happy about it :D :D :D :D
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Clover clamps.

Our pursuit to perfect the art is as commonplace to us as the next best iPhone.
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I absolutely love this comic, I am really dissapointed whenever I reach the end of the latest page, and i doubt I will leave the comic with dry eyes, congrats on adding yourself to a very small list of those stories that I absolutely love
Elseneur's avatar
I Love Sarah !
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