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next week the queen and the woodborn update

just a sample

previous comic pages are available here
The  Queen And The Woodborn pdf so far by shiniez

and on webtoons…
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Hi! Um. Wasnt' I supposed to be dead?

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yeah, but i'm your boss and imma need you to come to work on monday XD

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If you can't get out of work by dying, you're really in need of a union...

Looking forward to it! :D


Some goddess of death here seems like a bit of a show-off...Maybe a lot...I mean: the divine form it's probably mandatory when you play this kind of reverse card on the rules of life and death, but the eclipse on the back...I also recollect something about Morana being kind of a very sore loser?


That's it: that's definetly the smug of a dignified winner XD!

I think I'm gonna love this winged goddess-child.

Great stuff. I think I love every single detail. No! I am sure I love everyone of these ^^.

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gods when little timmy dies of cancer: * -,- °°° snore... zzzzz... ZZZZZZ ...

gods when someone dies while pulling a fast one on the gods: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ "GET BACK UP U LITTLE SHIT!!!!111111"

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Great job rendering wet fabric :D

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Fantastic work as usual.

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YES, can't wait to see how that advance :happybounce:

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That was a good trick, but never try tricks on someone with a loaded deck.

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The Queen's expression is priceless. Well done.

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That's 'YOU ARE SCREWED!' smile, blondie XD

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Well, that left her... breathless. >.>

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Ha, she thought she could get out of it by dying. Not with this one xD

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Yay, can't wait. Hope this sample is where their relationship is heading.

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Truly the dream to hear such a comment.

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It would be kind of interesting if the woodborn queen sent these kinds of images of Danica to her husband just to mess with him.

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