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mercy 85-93

By shiniez
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fucking discount Kratos...
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Hi, Recently came across 'Sunstone' and have read volumes 1-5 twice each, at least, if not more, I have thoroughly enjoyed the story arcs, characters and of course especially your art work, look forward to reading Mercy and Jasper, and should it come to pass, the further adventures of Sunstones' cast of characters...
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I wouldn't even take the number of someone who was that condescending about me being three years younger than her, no matter how hot she was.
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XDDD Oww but she's 19... I mean she's already legal. Well in my country she's
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Miriam kinda reminds me of Tarja :heart:  And Anne's face when she gets caught checking out the tattoo, lol!
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oh daaaaaaaamn i cant help but laugh but bro what a horrible way to get turned down haha
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Who's the merchant with the Kratos-esque head? Just curious.
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just a bartender at the concert. still cracked me up after drawing him so my personal nickname for him is discount kratos
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ha Sejic are you going to post any more on this sight or are you moving sights
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That barkeep is that Babish from "Binging with Babish"? :)
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Do you have a release schedule or do you just post?
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And now I face the worst part of enjoying an ongoing series: waiting for the next part.  At least I can safely assume it'll be worth it! XD
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or is that chapter 6
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if you mean sunstone volume 6? that is this chapter. 
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OK where is chapter 2
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I'm really digging mercy, can,t wait for more
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That's why Europe is better than USA... We can drink once we turn 18. Seriously, that law is stupid :b

By the way... a 22 not dating an 19 because of her age? I know there is a diference, but i think its to extreme... Let's see how this evolve.
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If they don't have an ID they could very well be 16 - 18. Plus a lot of people 22 - 30 just don't want to hook up with anyone younger. To put this in perspective, how many 18 year olds have you met that were independent and offered something towards a relationship other than sex and company?

Does he/she/they provide your household with a second income (which is essential in todays age)? How do they handle finances and maintaining work? Are they capable of rationalized decisions when appropriate?

I've dated a lot of girls and men with both of us ranging 18 - 28 and let me tell you. The further from 18 they are the better adjusted to adult life they are and their not a handful to deal with.

If I wanted a daughter I'd get married and start a family, not date an 18 year old. There are definitely mature youth out there though. Milage varies.
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Short answer? Yes!
19 year olds (outside of the US at least) can be functioning adults. And usually ARE actually because they don't get labelled as kids as you do on that side of the pond...
Your (USA) view on ages and adulthood and everything that goes with it is just... Ridiculous imho...
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I'm not trying to point fingers here but, you clearly took my comment a little too personally. It's alright to disagree but you have to know that both of us as individuals are not well equipped enough on the issue of maturity to really voice our concerns validly. Obviously, there are mature youth. Obviously, there are immature youth. Obviously, everyone on every inch of this planet are different in outlook while coming to a general idea of what it all means.

I refuse to really look into your profile to find out what country you are from (as you did to locate mine) and I won't even try the my country is better approach either, it's political and that has no place here.

Have a nice day.
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:) I did not check what country you're from. Only US amongst the western countries have age limitations stretching into having to be 21 years old. A 19-20 year old in the US cannot be a fully functioning adult since he/she is deemed too young to purchase alcohol.
That was my point.  I.e. the following: "19 year olds (outside of the US at least) can be functioning adults." 
I guessed from your writing however that you were American, and USA is in many ways better than many other countries.
But when it comes to specifically the American view on adulthood and what goes with it, I still think it's ridiculous.
That's not political. It's an opinion.
Sweden for instance have similar ridiculous rules: You can  get a license at 18, buy a house, get kids, get married, get drunk on your stag party at the pub, but you're not allowed to buy the champagne for your wedding.

And feel free to check out my profile for what ever reason you like. I left "my" country way back. And i certainly do not agree with all the views over there.
Or here where I am living now... Or maybe you want to check my ethnic background country? That's yet another one. Or my childrens' nationality? Another one...  Some of us have actually seen a big chunk of the world and judge from experience rather than Preconceptions. (Yes I've spent much time in the US too)

And no, I sure as all Dante's levels didn't take it personally, since I'm more than 50% beyond 30 even...
My children are all over 20...
And I'm VERY much equipped enough on the issue of maturity, even if you feel you are not...

But I agree upon the wishing of having a nice day! 
I hope you have lots of them.

May the sun shine upon your path, always.
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Look, I'm not reading your short story. I saw the last line, may the sun shine upon your path, always as well and see ya.
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