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mercy 55- 63

By shiniez
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update is split into two as 30 pages was too much for photoshop to export as a single jpeg file

so the continuation is here:

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mercy 64-84 by shiniez
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I love them so much <3
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Thank god you finally made a joke about there being no good dude fetisch gear. I have been saying that for ages, and have tried looking for it as long. Aside from the plain and, lets face it, boring leather pants, there are almost no good fetisch clothing for men. I mean, why should woman have all the fun?
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Bless Ally. Everyone should have a friend like that.
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I would  like to scribe to Cage Taboo :)
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I've come to the same conclusion when adressing men's erotic fashion, it's very limited. Gimp suits, clothing with zippers and buttons and chaps

I've been involved in a group that majors in erotic superhero fashion (not just naked super heroes but clothes designed to expose) for a few years now, and it's mainly the female costume designs that come easy (sometimes too easy). I've done a few male designs, but they are far harder to do.
It doesn't help that I'm a heterosexual guy with no idea what women find physically attractive in men...
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Look up 'male model' on google, I think that should pull you in the right direction~
jaythemagicdragon's avatar
It can't possibly be that simple ;-)
AquaticJM's avatar
Well it wouldn't hurt to look. A lot of male models are pretty handsome dudes, even I have to admit it as a straight guy myself lol~

You could also look up Chris Evans, Michael B. Jordan, and/or Chris Hemsworth. They've been considered pretty good looking by most people who watch marvel movies.

Although people in general tend to view anyone who looks healthy and has strong indicators of fertility as physically attractive. The only problem is that attraction and personal tastes vary from person to person, so it can be hard to get a clear consensus.

Most helpful of all, however, would be to just ask some girls about it. It would give you a first hand account of what women might find attractive.
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It's more about the most attractive parts of the anatomy than overall look. I see what I do as some sort of fashion design. It comes down to fetishwear mostly... check my account for some examples. You'll have to search for the male designs though... most should be in the 2011 or 2012 folders I think.
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And a copy of The New York Times.



That was nice.
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and long my it continue .
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Not that I do drugs but reading this was like getting that next hit, that sought after, hunted for, craving-that-must-be-acknowledged fix. ...aaaaaahhhh....
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I love how Ally respond......short and to the point Emote| Peace among Worlds .....Ally is best friend indeed XD.
BloodRedFullMoon's avatar
So that book she mentions there .... 
Any chance you based this on a real-world one?

Some good ol' Terry Goodkind, perchance?
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Male fetish gear is lacking indeed. Make some detailed drawings from several angles, so the talented among us can get to work.
Morthei's avatar
Really though, male fetish gear is... lacking.
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now that I think about it Ally might be onto something there…
smithca1988's avatar
Funy and Sad at the same time.
vash34's avatar
When I read "But you can't escape Ally,"; I was :lmao:
Fortunato-Sors's avatar
Your narrative never ceases to to light a fire in my heart.  Can't wait for more!
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So we can safely assume that all of this set in New York then? You never mentioned name of the city and now New York Times. Or is this paper country wide I just dunno?
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I love this prequel!
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Your bondage illustrations are wonderful. Inventive, classy, beautifully drawn. It makes me want to replicate them.
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