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mercy 035-054

ignore typos, i certainly will for now XD

also if image is not showing make sure to hit download to the right. deviantart is being a bit wonky sometimes
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Canadis's avatar

Did forget how awesome this part just was (I mean the rest is too).

And I don't know why, but those 5th to 3rd last panels are just stunning. It's nothing sexual (while Cassie is sey as hell), but somehow the pose, the facial expression, how good the buildup is and how real the moment and the teasing humor feel.

LaughingJackal13's avatar

I'm late to the awesomeness that is your work but I need to say this, the fact that Tom was going to say Nightwish (I really hope!) as a gateway into metal makes me so happy. They were my introduction to the metal scene, after that it was Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold and finally Metallica!

Love your representation of a festival, actually makes me want to go and try one!

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download button offers to save html... previous slice too.

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yeah that was needed during the time deviantart did this weird thing where it wouldn't show a full sized view option so people legit couldn't see the letters, file handling was always a bit buggy for very large files
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Perhaps the best segment of Mercy so far. I am looking forward to learn more about Anne, Cassie, Tom and of course Alan. 
Yep - still unreadably small.  Do you need to send in a fix request or something?
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like the description says. hit download. nothing i can do about deviantart being buggy.
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They are making some changes to dA, and for some reason it can no longer handle big file images with 1k px width and higher.

Same happened to me when I tried to fix my "broken" bloodstain page by re-uploading it.  It will either accept 900 width but make a resolution downright unreadable, or it will just keep forcing 600 width which is also completely useless for reading. :/

downloading is the safest bet for now until they fix it. :/
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I don't know if it's just me, but it looks like the image is broken :/
shiniez's avatar
reload. deviantart sometimes bugs out, if it persists hit download button to the right. that usually helps
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Same thing is happening to me. And for a few other images as well. I've reloaded a few times but it didn't change. Downloading works, but I wonder how long this issue is gonna last…
shiniez's avatar
deviantart bugging bigtime. probably something with them changing stuff atm. it usually settles down after a while.
Nice copyright avoidance on the nightwish name draop. Loved them for years. You a fan?
shiniez's avatar
not really copyright avoidance. just an interruption. mentioning bands, movies  artists is okay in fiction. writers do it all the time :)

and yeah, massive fan  even in this age of digital only i got all the cds and a bunch of other paraphernalia 
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Nice!  I'm kinda working my way backwards here and I mentioned in a later set that the singer reminded me very much of Tarja. 
FreedomChildArts's avatar
I love this so far and I'm super excited to see more if I can catch it.
Freaking love your work. Already have the first 2 Sunstones and I'll get the next ones as soon as I can. But there's one thing that bothers me a bit: Why do all your girls have a brazilian string wax? A lot of girls don't shave or wax at all and those who do are usually quite diferent one from another. It's a bit as if every girl you drew had the same hairstyle.
NoriMori's avatar
Yeah, not gonna lie, that bothers me too. The girls barely have any pubic hair and that strikes me as odd. Even if they all shave it (which seems unlikely to me), why do they only shave at the sides and leave that patch in the middle?
shiniez's avatar
great... now i'll have to google brazilian string wax... XD

i learn the most curious things while making these comics XD
Haha sry. But you can imagine every girl wears her pubic hair differently.
NoriMori's avatar
"Goth lobster"! Oh my God, that's hilarious! New favourite metaphor!
plynxis's avatar
Look, I know artists hate over-the-top compliments and I hate them too, they sound so dishonest. You already know what grade your work is even if you want criticism. But just this time I won't hold back:

How in the FUCK are you not filthy rich with this kind of work yet???

I'm a comic book noob so maybe I just can't judge it. I've read other strips you've posted and they're really good but this one got to me. Maybe it's because relationships have been on my mind a lot lately (don't ask...) and maybe it's because I feel I can relate to Anne? I have no fucking idea. I'll just say this felt orgasmic. I like using hyperbole a lot but this isn't hyperbole. It was an exciting read.

Ok I'll stop with the gushing now. I won't ask for your phone number or go bi but what I will do is move you to my "amazing" watchlist group (yeah I'm quite creative with my names...)
Probably should have done that sooner... TMOHZ - Haruhi Sigh <-- I look nothing like this btw

I'll also say that while I'm not a comic art fan (I could never afford them growing up), you're converting me you bastard...

You made this guy's morning \o/
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