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"I'm not that kind of lady !"

Damn... I really love his sens of humor... *laughs*
Keep it on, I may have been reading your stuff not from that long, but I really love it. I guess you conquered someone else with your work, uh.
(kinda inspires me much too ♪)
Dinikus's avatar
Got a question, what's the name of knot thing she does, cause it's not a Karada Hishi I think, and not sure what else it could be?
PorcelainMalice's avatar
awesome. Looking forward to more.
Also can rather painfully relate: finding someone, ANYone to share this stuff with (friends or otherwise) is f*cking impossible around where Im at x_x
love your work
WickedPrince's avatar
Gads so awesome. I found a massive typo early on, but I was so eager to read more that I lost it and can't find it now - nicely done boss. :D
NoriMori's avatar
I just realized why this part of Alan's life is so emotional for me! It's not just because I've gone through similar scenarios where I couldn't trust people. It's also because I'm writing a similar story, about someone who has shields up just like Alan, because of bullying and other experiences like this, and ends up needing a lot of "Allys" to break down those shields.
Jamiel83's avatar
This two.... hahahaha
Blonde-Sheep's avatar
Binge reading from the beginning because I love the story, the art style, the character development, the way the topic is approached... *sighs* I was Ally, only never forward enough to actually talk to anyone. They wouldn't understand anyway, right?
tuneb0x's avatar
Amazing. from the artwork, to the story, to every minor detail... simply amazing.
Alleby's avatar
*creek creek* XDDD
there is a tyo.. you wrote pony firl. (either here or in the one before) other than that its awesome
douzocosplay's avatar
Yay! Absolutely amazing! Can't wait to read more <3 <3 <3
mechangel2002's avatar
There's a typo in the panel where he's lying on his pillow in bed looking up (it says pony FIRL outfit), and one on the panel where they laugh from the rope (it says CREEK in the narrative instead of creak)
HyJahk's avatar
Totally unable to read this
shiniez's avatar
also, download button to the right will download it in full size. deviantart sometimes bugs out so just reloading the page and clicking again often works
HyJahk's avatar
It's working now. I was having anxiety from not being able to read new Mercy. Many thanks for the new pages!!!
Mchawkman's avatar
If you hover over the strip with your cursor it should change to a magnifying glass with a + in it.  Left click should bring it up into a readable view.

If not... sorry, not sure why it wouldn't be working. 

All this is assuming it is a sizing issue, and not a 'totally unable to read this because it strikes too close to home' or something similar... :-)
I can't read this yet.  But I will!

And I did!

Aww, so sweet!
God, I LOVE this story and all the perspectives that help flesh it out. This is THE BEST series I have ever read or will ever read.
devduck01's avatar
Amazing to see the event from a new persepctive
bound-aussie's avatar
Fantastic story. I really relate so much
elessal's avatar
I so damn shit those two in a friendly way. damn, that is a first. hope one day this becomes a netflix show. or at the very least a very long porn movie series.
netflix show sure would be ideal. not often you see a series like this that talks about sexy topics in a tonally rich sort-of way
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