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mercy 006-017

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ugh, just, damn. Fucking nitwit general people who cannot stand their own insecurity and taking it on others.


I mean, really, what is this? Elementary? Unbelievable but very believable.
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I discovered Sunstone quite a long time ago and I instantly fell in love with it. So I am super excited to find out there is a sequel to it. Thank you Stjepan!
Dalleux's avatar
Hummmm… can't wait to read it… but can't wait to have it in my hands and discover it for the first time either… such a hard choice to make… T_T

Thanks a lot Shiniez, Sunstone is really one of my favorite story. And my favorite love story for sure <3
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I want to hug him so much.
Devil621's avatar
Sweet, can't wait to read more.
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I will probably never get over young tormented Alan with a ponytail... 
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You know how I know your stuff is quality? I got to the end of the page, scrolled up to the next button and when I saw that this was the latest page, I immediately blurted out, 'where's the rest?'. Can't wait!
RiverTam1's avatar
Aaaaaa! So glad to see more of your work <3
Sunstone hardcover bought. Switch digital bought. Aphrodite IX digital bought. Mercy incoming... checking :)

Almost impossible to find Death VIgil in France :(

By the way, need more Switch ! ;)

Sorry my english is awful.
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Dam, I feel sad for Alan.
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You sir spin good yarn. Will we see more of Alan's tale?
Was that Ally who was looking at the drawing he tore down?
Nes-Saw's avatar
Yes, it was Ally
msjenkins1's avatar
If we got a thread going about it maybe he will get into it? I would totally go for a Sejic Fashion Line. Like, I would literally even get one that just had those words on with his hand-drawn letters.
msjenkins1's avatar
Nod Could you imagine the latex clothing line? Oh, epicitude!
when will you continue?
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I love how your art has changed and grown over the years. This is a great page, ended it perfectly.
2 questions: 1. alan "hurting himself" important to his story/does that come back later on? 2. Why is lisa all dreassed up whenever we she her writing everyones story but when we see her in the past she's not all dressed up?
I can't wait to see how the story progress.
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Gods, Please let Stjepan present another bit of `Mercy` soon??!!  Its been what, two and a half Months since 006-017 was posted!!  To tide me over I've been going over stories at 'Gromet's Plaza, or other Fanfic sites (Wyndgyrl at… ), and yes, there is Some BDSM stuff here at DA.  Who knew?
Please, a little more.
She was and she did!
Shit! I kept following on facebook for updates and forgot to check here :D This was a big batch. When's the next one coming?
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