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Ah they are pregnant! So adorable :-)
inn3rmonologu3's avatar
Lisa is looking good, I love her with long hair!
Shadoow69's avatar
Wish Sunstone will continue some day 'cauz my heart just skipped a beat when I saw Lisa. Ally & Lisa <3 (though this second arc about Alan will be great i'm sure)
I knooooowww right! I totally fangirled!
is it just me or Lisa looks sexy af
universe1919's avatar
The comedy is as great as Sunstone; feels like Sunstone did't really end. Keep up the great work!
rosepiramid's avatar
absolutely in love with this story, and apologies, but I thought someone should mention, you forgot her wedding band x.x
Lil-0dd1ty's avatar
she's wearing it on her necklace :P
Meister-Goldfeder's avatar
Gooooooooooooooooods--- I have neglected my account for so long....

But it is great to come back and find Pages of Mercy in the Watchlist-Inbox...


aas Always... Your Work is Magick!

Darn.. I have to get my sunstone copys Back from the friend who instantly fell in love wih the story...
die-yng's avatar
Love pregnant Anne, so cute. so beautiful.
universe1919's avatar
Oh shit, I just realize it once I read your comment.
1dillan's avatar
Here we go again, a nice Lisa portrait. Luv it
denofshadows's avatar
Lisa is smoking! Dig the long hair so much.
MrSirk's avatar
I mean he did make it sound like the plot of a romcom starring Mathew McConaughey.
Gallifreian's avatar
Don't get me wrong, bu I think the art here is even better than in Sunstone! It certainly looks different. Or is it so that we can tell the difference between "today's" world and the narrative?
shiniez's avatar
answer is much simpler XD

i just got better over time
Gallifreian's avatar
Then by all means, please, continue!
A masterpiece in the making; a will induced to keep probing.
Ohhh, my god! She's pregnant!!!
And Lisa is looking so good :-) <3
Loved Sunstone soooo much!! It is hard to be patient for Mercy!! Just so vested in the characters, really want the story to just continue, but understand the importance of getting the story right!!
EverybodysCupOfTea's avatar
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a baby! OOAOO!!!!! omg I love this
Zabon95's avatar
I love your art style! It´s SO GOOD :D
Xa0z's avatar
Is harper gonna get his own story arc?
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