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mercy 003

laying it on a bit thick there, alan XD
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Rofl. Still trying to work up that courage. I went to a local large SF/Fantasy con over the weekend - - where I heard that my last x-gf from around fifteen years ago is married - again - for like the fourth time. I would have ended up another notch in that barrel if I hadn't been too selfish and willful to let her play me for the fool she tries to play most guys. Thing is that she doesn't realize that about 3/4 of the guys she thinks she's playing are actually playing her. They walk off with her TV and her computer and everything else of value she has while leaving her with nothing but promises. So I'm damned glad I got out from under that, but I wish I'd learned to let go of the bad memories of the past, the inability to handle the present, and the fear of the future well enough to move on. But I still have hope that maybe I'll get to have my happy ending someday.
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Your artwork is on fire right now.
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Aaaand he's rolling. Really looking forward to all of these stories. I am prepared to be heartbroken in ch. 4, almost.
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Love the smokey brushwork on the second last panel!
Very seasonal.  I approve.
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fucking really? :D :D
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Nearly feels like a Death Vigil crossover ;D
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Fucking reallly XD i died!! XD
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Hehe, I knew it'd be Anne. <3 
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I love the symbolism. 
Yeah, but it gives you an excuse to lots of, I dunno, deeply symbolic, drawings.  

And we all really hate those.  :)

(In fact, if this story had lots of scenes featuring all kinds of Alan-created gear being tested and things - kind of a "Q's laboratory" kind of things - that would really suck, too.)  
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Alan you are such a drama queen, and I love you for it haha
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I bet that at the laughing her ass is Ally XD.
I like creepy ghost Anne. Reminds me of some angel from Ravine.
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So... he's telling all this to an actual person, not just talking to himself? Wow, Alan. You can be really pompous at times.
I believe Lisa is the official scribe for all of these stories, so I'd guess it's her.
This place reminds me of Fade from Dragon Age. Also can't wait for more :D
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And theres that smart ass remark at the end.
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