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mercy 001

the work begins again.

updates on the way :) considering a different format of making mercy in standard comic pages size and just stockpile a few at a time and post. this will keep the updates more frequent and make preparations for the print a piece of cake.
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I love how much your art imrpoved over the time, I love how I got attached to the different characters in Sunstone (and having them back feels like I'm in heaven), and I love how much I could relate to some of them.
Sunstone was absolutely one of my favorite comic story ever, and sure will be Mercy too. 
Your art is awesome, your characters are awesome, and your stories are awesome. 
Is there a Mercy PDF like there were for Sunstone? (I really enjoy your work (and your wife's), I first discovered you via Witchblade years ago and have followed your other works ever since. Your style is so fresh! Thank you for sharing!)
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Dam, can't control of my love of reading. And this series is going to be afresh in a new way.
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I would love to finally delve into Alan. It's a great feeling to get to finally know about him.
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I liked alot the Sunstone format much easier to read 
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This opening is a beautiful thing.  ovo
Ahhhh....... happy sigh. Purrr.
Hey I found sunstone volumes last year. I was wondering this mercy is it going to come out as a volume as well, and will it be called sunstone or mercy? Ive. Tried to look it up but I'm not to savvy with this kind of stuff.
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:3 i like this man
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I remember seeing the Mercy cover, but I didn't expect a spinoff!!
I know I will love this, but Lisa and Ally will always have a special place in my heart.
I hope you revisit them in the future because Sunstone has jumped to the top of my top 10 of of comic novels I have ever read.
Great characters that felt real (maybe they were real) and a great story everyone should read.
I'm detecting a theme.
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My favorite Christmas story.
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Holy shit! already??????????
Thanks for keeping me busy! <3
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Yay!!! and they are numbered so a bigger yay. YAY..
Thank you generous artist man.
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Is it supposed to look like the doctor from Blood Stain in the first Panel, or have I been reading too much of sigeel's stuff recently?
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I'm curious what this story is going to be :) but i agree with
Too short :D (Big Grin) again, next strips"

Longer strips make it easier for the reader to remember the thought and feeling behind while reading.

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YES! thank you for the beginning of a new story. I'm curious how it turns out
Too short :D again, next strips
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