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meanwhile at the local library...

enjoy the typos muahahahahahahahaha...

anyways... waiting for something seems often even worse when it is not really a long waiting period

and yeah this one si really hardcore so i went with the adult filter again... as my usual duisclaimer says, since my entire gallery is somewhat a story, and as such very much adult oriented, i dont want people to wander in and get taken away by the adorable curiosity
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ArtOfAMadChick's avatar
My thinking face: :drool: rvmp 

Very relatable XD
runewuff's avatar
Thiiis. Is my writing cursed with "X-Scenes" like this that get cut. (Ah, if only "fanservice" issues were a thing in fantasy writing, like they are in manga, I'd have it made, 'cause I spawn stuff like this all the damn time, whether I want it or not...)
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I can tell you honestly that I suspect it is, you just need to have the balls to do it and the skills to make it integrate.
If you read Wheel of Time, for instance, you'll notice that Robert Jordan has a relatively large amount of women getting tied up naked in, say, non-traditional  and creative ways (as well as similar fetish-related hints). The descriptions aren't graphic enough to name it porn by a LONG shot, but they do conjure a full image in your mind. And the best part is that they fit seamlessly into his storyworld.
universe1919's avatar
Dam, I feel for her desire to express her sexuality. Not saying my is like her,s, but I do feel for her.
IllEatYourself's avatar
Aaww, that story was starting to sound hot, I wish it had kept going. :p
Erismanor's avatar
It was already great but I kinda wish Shiniez remade these: the style and characters changed a lot!
Reading this again, and getting rather on with my writing, I can attest that writing while horny is very bad
0mniessence's avatar
she's so cute :3, this is lisa right? still gotta learn the names
Devilactive's avatar
Yep. This is Lisa.
dax25012000's avatar
Absolutely nothing in the world will slow down time like waiting for something you've dreamed of for years, and now has an exact date!  You perfectly captured that expression of being more than "lost in thought."  It's much more of, "I am on a completely different planet right now."

And on the simpler side of things, I LOVE her hair!
I really find myself wanting to read the rest of the story she was thinking up in her head.
And did I mention how wonderful I personally think the art is?? Yeah, I know... you hear that constantly but.. I had to mention it just once since I can't draw a stick figure. 😡
Forget the adult filter, if there is a teenager wandering the web using search words like 'deviant' they are not virginal... trust me!! 😈
Christ the typos.  But so good!
FlyingRagePanda's avatar
The whole drooling thing, when thinking deeply of something sexual. XD Priceless!
Priority-Mail's avatar
This reminds me of when I worked at a library.
TinyBirdGames's avatar
Heh, when I'm lost in thought people say I look like I'm about to cry or I just saw someone die. I always say What. The. Fuck.
Okay I just read the description panel and wish I could delete comments >.<
Damn good art in this sadly though more mistakes came through >.< don't hate me :S
TheeLadyLoLo's avatar
Holy shit, ladies! I love the drool lengthening in the panels. Wow! Y'all did good with the story so far, I can't wait for more.
Vampanime's avatar
Awesome :D loving this story so far ^-^ (+ is she working on Game of Thrones fiction?)
Hexproof's avatar
Very well drew. I love the colors <3 Beautiful!
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