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lose yourself....

have fun people, diablo 3 got rebalanced so its time for me to kill some stuff...
special thanx to my wife for color flats..and now both me and her have demons to kill cyaaaaaa
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very sad but glad that they are still friends afterward. some life lessons are expensive but worth
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I can't begin to say how endearing this strip is.
I love that explanation of being a top/dome.
So did ally actually love him or love him because of the game they both loved to play? Will this issue specifically get addressed in mercy? 
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I think that she loved him as a friend. You know, not romantic love, but you really care for a friend who is close to you. I don't get physically involved with all of my bdsm friends, but I do feel closer to them because I don't have to hide a huge part of myself.
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Dam, what a powerful ending.
well fuck this just got too fucking real O.o i love this balance
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Super random but I loooove that panel of her at the computer with her little bang fringes hanging out the back of that headband for reasons I do not fully understand. lol xD
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Didn't it say she was 20 when she met Alan? Now she's nineteen? Just a small nippick. But I love this series.
I thought it said she was ALMOST twenty, or "not even 20" or something to that effect 
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awww, alan and ally's story is very enlightening, and lisa's face at the end is cute
Not-Quite-Lilac's avatar
Awww. Lisa's face in that last panel.
So sweet.
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ok , it's my firsttime and would read everything where I start or someone please explain to me.......
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in my gallery…

to the left you will find chapters folders

there strips are placed in order.

you can also find downloadeble first 3 chapters in pdf format if that makes it easier :)
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This story is epic!
They're just so sweet. :)
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re-reading a bit and I gotta say
kind of obsessed with that picture of alan as the sub o-O

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Without words. 
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Astonishing.... but so beautiful!
Very eloquent words....about very much.
Srry about my poor english. 
but I have to say...
I loved the design, assembly of pictures, drawing. But above all, I loved the way the personalities of the characters are worked, personal issues and conversations. I love the personal conversations that the characters have with themselves and also the conversations between the characters. Very well prepared.
Congratulations ...
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God. You know, I don't generally like knowing the details of people's sex lives. It's private, you know? But this comic is so.. unbelievably relatable. It doesn't just focus on the concept of sex. It gets down into the very deep emotions that drive everything from the sex to just normal conversation. Seeing the deeper, unsaid thoughts as well as what's said aloud makes it so much more real to me. I love this so much. 
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tear-worthy sap moment. T-T
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I read your description and I am SOOOOOOO jealous
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