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ah those special moments when everything just has to be perfect or youll just DIE!!!!!

and yeah im really sticking to the adult filter
and yes im really sticking to my typos, grammar and other errors... deal with it cause....i wont muahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha cough cough hack..ptooey

damn laughing fit coughs
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In the third panel from the bottom: is there a name for that ring-shaped thing with the straps on it?

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What is that she's wearing under her shirt? Some kinda weight loss thing?
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Or-X already said that, thank you :)
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Oh. Makes sense.
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Wow, I got to keep reading!
I think I should stare at the bed for 10 minutes to come up with as many possibilities as I can, and then move forward. Hmm... :)
and now i want that bed lol 
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Alan is such a great friend 
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okey  i looked on another  site  and there  seems  to be  like 4  pages missing after this page  to the next  u  have  on  dA.  correct  ?
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what you were looking at were pirated versions of the printed version of the comic. they are not on deviantart, but will be relatively soon :)
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ahh cool thanks  for clearing  that  up. Are there  other pages  in  other chapters that  aren't  on dA? and  will you be  putting  them up?  just curious
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everything will be reposted and reuploaded, as soon a si am done with chapter 5. there are a bunch of old pages and things that are now outside continuity and were created in random orders while i was developing chapter 1

they kept confusing new readers as they tried to figure out where they fit.

so i removed them for a while until i finish chapter 5 and can finally organize my gallery properly :)
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awesome  thanks  for  letting  me  know! also for  your  quick replies!
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Ha!  I love her reasoning behind spending so much money on  a custom bed like this.  It makes so much sense!  Why is it wrong that she doesn't spend her money on "typical luxuries."  Spend your money where you spend your time, especially when it's part of your greatest pleasure!

I also love how happy-go-lucky she is!  I don't know much of the S&M lifestyle/community, but the dom doesn't always seem depicted as the "chipper" type, but here it works so well!  You can feel her excitement!
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Epic freakin bed!
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Holy crap ;3; corsets
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You have keen eyes! Never noticed until I saw your comment. XD
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I don't think you understand my dear I am absolutely totally in love with corsets. o//////o
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Haha, for some reason your comment had me laughing out loud.
check it out third panel ally is rocking a red and black corset. efective but subtle way of ilistrating aly's character, nice touch shiniez
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