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le fancy!
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Really incredible artwork.

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What a beautifully rendered piece of work!!!
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am using that has my wallpaper :)
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It is really great! so cute and sexy  o.o
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....mmmmm I'm thinking Piper and Vause (Voss) ?
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I love your work as an digital artist and a story teller. 
So impressive. I love the expressions. Did you use a reference photo for the faces?
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Great expressions.
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You know....that's just good artwork right there.  Very cool. 
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For some reason I keep thinking of Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer :)
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Nice Job! Watching now(Even though that sounds really weird)
I really like the shading and attitude here. :)
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Excellent artwork there
artwork is just amazing!  Ally looks adorable in this piece.  
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I love the detail in Allys shirt and the fact that she keeps the keys away in her mouth. I also have no clue why I love that, I just do. 
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Thanks to my boyfriend I read sunstorm volume 1 it's really awesome.
I must read more
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WOW! This is fantastic!

Well, I know these two lovelies are in a comic together, and  would love to read it, but I have no clue where to start. Would you mind helping me out? Or is there no specific order?
If you go to the author's page there are albums for each of the chapters
and here is chapter one…
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Thanks so much, Dragon!
terrific photo!
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