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latex is a whole different experience

yess.. linked... cept im still missing one earlier page...

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Holy shit I wish I was that flexible

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And she kind of falls asleep using her friend's legs as a table, or so it seems based on the last panel anyways.
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ah this is perfect setting for bdsm session. when i first discovered bdsm i actually thought i was the only one on earth with these kinks
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I love how ritualistic rope is more than any other kind of bondage. It's not a simple click of the lock. It takes time to tie a proper not, check tensions, lay pretty lines.
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Dam, I want to join.;3
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Masterpiece! The only thing I can tell...
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Hi there! You commented on my birthday. Just thought that was interesting.
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that's gotta be one of the BEST images I have ever seen. The ultimate boop
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wonderful put in scene :) so hot and sexy...
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Aaaargh I can't decide if that last panel is sexy or just.. Adorable!! ^^
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that is exactly my feels tooooo omg i can't even DEAL
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Very, very, goood!
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stunning!!! +fav Clap +fav 
your stories could turn a straight domme into a lesbian one ;)
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My friend's been bugging me of reading this for sooo long. So I finally got to it. And ohmygod I am hooked! I love this! Instafan here. Cheers from Serbia!
I want a print of that last page 
No. Not  Print. I want a full color wall scroll
Name your price dear <3  
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The last frame is so sexy...Nod 
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arg.. that art! its orgasmic!!Love 
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this is so awesome
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