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keep it secret..the place i mean

By shiniez
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diablo was pissing me off so...update
special thanx to my love for flats :)
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that alone bondage situation is scary but I cannot deny that Ally looks super hot bound and gagged :P
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I really enjoyed this part of the story! :happybounce: 
I do not know how far, none of them tried to get a "piece" of Alan! hahahaha...
Note: The gag used on Ally in that part became sexier, covering her lips! :) (Smile) 
vreneli14's avatar
So... what does the aspirin do? I only know it as a painkiller
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
in simplest terms, improves circulation, has a downside of bruising being more of a thing. 
DrakeVos's avatar
Actually some people also like that aspect. More of a trophy to show.
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
of course. but more on that in mercy storyarc :)
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thanks :) learning new things where you don't expect it
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Dam, brilliantly good flaw in the relationship.
cbhwewceb's avatar
What's up with the egg?
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
a long story. to be told in chapter 6 :)
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0mniessenceHobbyist Writer
SmokeEater11's avatar
Love the story plot. After chapter 4 it's hard to follow.
GrimTales29's avatar
GrimTales29Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's it. Alan is my fav...
Amenarae's avatar
AmenaraeHobbyist General Artist
I may have to take back my previous statement--I'm in love with Alan in all of his roles, here~~~~ He makes a cute sub, I will admit~
But I still got my heart set on his dom side~ >3
Caine-of-Nod's avatar
Caine-of-NodHobbyist Photographer
Great Imagery!
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orlandobloomsbabeStudent General Artist
That second last panel ... UNF !! OMG!!
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PeiteLilRitsukaHobbyist General Artist
Back today and loving Alan play...Sounded so weird. Oh well.
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MadameCrosseProfessional Writer
Alan looks freaking sexy.

& well he & his Dom side reminds me a lot someone I met long ago...
We didnt work as for what he said.
You are too proud to be a sub, so he was.... 
Alot to this. 
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Alan is now my secret dream boy ^^
BeauBeaucoup's avatar
And ally is mine ^^
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RapunzellawordpressHobbyist General Artist
Love it
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Yamato012Student Writer
Its cool seeing you do simple gags like OTM gags. Refreshing change of pace from ballgags and bitgags, would love to see a tapegag done by you sometime in the future.
ozzyjames87's avatar
Tape gags are a little sketchy.
loneiysong's avatar
Thank you for making this comic.

Makes me want so many things I am not sure how to ask for >.<

But thank you for making this sexy awesome comic!
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