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juust a small glimpse of future....

sigh...months of work to get to this scene... and given the fact i dont have much planned ahead , gonna be special...

oh...and im pretty sure whatever your guess is... its probably wrong XD

aand gonna stop replying on guesses , more fun that way , you are on your own from now on muahahahahhahahhaha
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beautiful as always but if I had to hazard a guess "You may now kiss the bride..."
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Did this actually ever get finished? I don't think I've seen the finished piece of this somewhere?
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it was a version of the final concert new years party where they end up together, but it was a different song planned at first.   

scene changed over time and so this version was never used as is.
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splendido disegno
one of the last pics of chaper 5?
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ooh ooh I know, they're at a kiss reunion concert that tom got tickets too.

because :iconrockonplz: :iconrockoutplz:

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Kind of seems like something silly - maybe the club had karaoke night, Lisa dragged Ally up there to sing a cheesy, sappy love song, and they actually got into it to the point where the club started chanting the whole "kiss" thing. :P
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Still hooked and this scene is the one I'm waiting for! oooo the suspense! <3
love your work, the story is something else please continue this as long as you are up for it..

Thanks mate

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its been a long road but totally worth
have to say you are an amazing artist and i really love your work!! was hoping to maybe ask you some questions for a thesis I'm writing for uni if that's not too much?
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i just wonder which one of them will propose
Isn't it obvious? They're at a Kiss concert.
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why do i have a feeling.. alan set all this up?
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Looks like a KISS concert to me! ;) A girl can hope, right?
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maybe it is thanksgiving at one of their family's homes
Their facial expressions are simply beautiful...they convey so much x)
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This is an aspect of writing and RP'ing I sort of don't like. You have that scene you just can't wait to get to or is the anchor point for where the opening is leading to and then... what do I do now? *blank stare* Though... it can be fun watching it unfold.

Now if only it didn't take months to get "here" ahahahaha Wish you luck with getting the rest of the way there and beyond.
Baloons in the air. People kissing. It's definitely New Year's Eve.
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They'll get to it, eventually... 'cause we know you know we know you :)
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Yup, Gene Simmons.
Big tongue!
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Judging by the lights and the screaming audience I'm gonna say they're on a tv show?
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