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just something really dumb

By shiniez
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because i'm really hyped about mass effect andromeda XD

meanwhile  working on mercy, next mercy upload will be 9 pages combined so it will be like one of the longer sunstone strips 
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XDDDDD this made my night 
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*squints at screen*

"Hyped about mass effect andromeda"...


How'd that work out for ya? 
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Rofl - imagine if real life was picking responses from a menu with no real idea what was going to come out of your mouth? :D
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Telltale Games in a nutshell ;)
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Well Mass Effect and most BioWare games are essentially similar, you pick a menu option that basically amounts to "kind answer" - "moderate answer" - "jackass answer" - without really having any clue what you are actually going to say.
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at times, i don't even need a menu for that >_<
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Rofl - I know how that goes. Apparently a while back I made a comment that I don't remember making that totally pissed off the entire group of people that I was hanging with to the point where they disowned me. I didn't even find out about it for nearly a year and when I tried to man up to my mistake even though I couldn't remember it and apologize, I was called an ass by the supposed victim who said he was going to report me for harassment for trying to apologize and totally ignored by everybody else. Go figure. What-ever I said, I didn't have enough emotion behind it for it to remain in my memory at all.
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Yep, this is the most eerily accurate thing ever.  o.O
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lol moment!
Every time Hawke or the Inquisitor says "I should go" I crack up.
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Well, someone is either gonna love Suvi or *hate* that she's such a workaholic. Less creepy since the face-fixes, at least.
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I showed this to like six friends and they all went "Yep, that's me!"
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This is perfect xD
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you are stupid
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OMG hello crossover of two of my loves!
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Ally Shepard and Lisa Ryder...

And we know why this is why you have not updated.  You got an early copy of the game.  Quite trying to romance Lexi and post.  Its not possible, and whoever I find out decided to use Natalie Dormer in a game and not make it possible to eff her character I will castrate as they obvious have no need for balls...
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You're one of us Mass Effect addicts? I didn't know!
Woah, I love you even more now xd This is great!
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._.; Story of my life.
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So much love for this
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Now that andromeda is out you should update this with the new conversation wheel :D . Renegon and Paragade have been replaced by emotional, logical, professional and casual answers. Or maybe Ally should ask S.A.M. for help...
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One should be "WHAT IS LOVE?"
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