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internet... i really hate you sometimes

so yeah, last few hours this was me and my wife... laughing our asses off to luigi deathstare...

i...yeah... that's enough internet for today

aand here is the second half of this deathstare XD

na-na na na nananana deathstare! by sigeel
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just gotta love ally

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she looks like the professor in this one. maybe there kin. wouldn't that be funny? a good tie-in if I ever saw one.
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I adore how the accessory that's hanging from the rear-view mirror perfectly fits with Ally's stare haha!
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This hasn't lost any of its' beauty over the years. :heart:
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me when i'm driving
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Still hysterical after all this time.
Had to try my hand at a gif haha
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so they drive down the street and then they meet at an intersection then.....staring at each other
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yea i spent thirty minutes ruining my childhood..
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Right away I thought of this one screencap from Legend of Korra season 3, with this old guy in the background:…

this is great regardless lol
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I love how she's echoing Vlad.
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oh yeeah, sometimes...
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Actually I see this as how you look at people who speed past you and then you stop next to them at the traffic light.
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"Ridin' Dirty" has to play in the background.
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Excellent work dear...:D (Big Grin) 
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Apparently I live under a rock (haven't kept up with MK for a while) and had yet to see said 'Luigi deathstare...   I may or may not have spent an unreasonable amount of time laughing at it and I had to thank you for that.  As always brilliant work.
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This is kind of cropped into my head when I saw this:

Man, work, Ally wished that she didn't need to work today, her thoughts kept travelling back to the red-head she left behind. What a day to have Lisa off of work, but to be called into the office herself? Oh well, she'd have to plan something special tonight to make up for it. To make up for all the alone time that Lisa had to herself. Perhaps she could 'leave her alone' again, but quickly dismissed the idea; she had already done that play recently, she would let time pass before trying it again.

Ally continued to ponder as she slowed down for a yellow light that flickered to red. Maybe she could do something with hot wax, or ice? She smiled to herself; ice would be fun. She already had little ideas of what to do running through her mind, causing her to smile to herself with glee. The shine of a car passed her eye as another vehicle stopped next to hers in the next lane over.

She glanced, as any normal person would do. It was meant to be a passing glance but then she did a double-take and stared, blinked once. Then her eyes widened and she glowered. There was no mistaking it, she knew the man in the car. The disheveled hair, the glasses the white suit, she would have recognized him anywhere: the cashoar. And she could tell in his mirrored expression that he, too, recognized who she was: the bitch with the scythe.

Sorry... got creative... I'll be over here now *shuffles to the corner*
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Shiniez!  Please make this happen! I don't even care if I have to spend money to make it happen, but please make it so!
I've seen this...I dunno, on maybe two or three dozen occasions by this point, but it *never* ceases to make me giggle til I leave the page.  I just can't help it!  XD  Cheers for the laughs!
Exactly how I feel about this lol, I can't stand how much this makes me laugh every time I'm on DA
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