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im not crazy

needed something to put as the webcam pic soooo XD
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She is simply delicious.............

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Lol Anyone else have Sheldon Cooper come to mind...because his mom had him tested lmfao :p
Coquitten's avatar
b i g
 b a n g
  t h e o r y
sexybeast315's avatar
i thought that too
maltorramus's avatar
:) she not crazy she's perfect
Elizabeths-Rainfall's avatar
N'aaaw, I know it's kinky but I love those characters so much it's just cute to me now
japanis's avatar
But it seems so, or why must she wear such a jacket?
Shadey83's avatar
may i see these tests, or at least these test results?
AndRyu-TSD's avatar
Come to the Dark Side... she's our mascot.

Think that'll work?
spudman98's avatar
We also have cookies
jackaspades's avatar
gawd damn it how many times most I state for people. The dark side has ICE CREAM, the light side offers the cookies.jeeze go watch RWBY they get it right
spudman98's avatar
I know that, I've seen Warehouse 13
Satarius's avatar
*Knock Knock Knock* Ally?!
*Knock Knock Knock* Ally?!
*Knock Knock Knock* Ally?!
... sing soft kitty for me.
i still cant get over how god dam cute she wood be 
Really love this picture.
You make BDSM cute and funny (okay, and sexy, too).
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"I'm not crazy. My mom had me tested!" - Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory
shiniez's avatar
yup, that's  what this is a nod to :)
artfx-9's avatar
This is amazing!
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"I'm not crazy 'Pudding' had me tested" -  Ms Quin

sorry first thought and i just had to post it
But did she follow up with the specialist in Huston?
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This.... This right here..... Can I have a print of this? Please?! Or license to use these and do watercolors of them? PLEASE????!
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Oh Lisa... Damn you for being so cute.
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