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im fun kind of crazy

while the new strip is being done, here is a result of a quick cup of coffee in town today XD markers ballpointpen and a whiteout pen thingie
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Classic stuff.
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 >whiteout pen thingie

As my old art teacher said, "Drawing is an additive AND a subtractive process..."

Not that I could draw very well, mind you...
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She looks only a little bit crazyGiggle 
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yea she is fun crazy
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Been digging through some of your older stuff. This is fun. and enlightening :)
I just realized you had two accounts too :o (Eek)
Is it one for naughty stuff and Nebezial for ... more professional super hero stuff ?
Do you have any other accounts ? Meow :3 
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not really, this one is sunstone content based. it's like a webcomic only account while nebezial is more variety account
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Got it, thanks ! OMG MOAR POEMS!  
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so you want a tshirt..make your own damn tshirt XD by shiniez

I think this saying fits. I love her smile.
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Awesome artwork!
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Magnificent work of Art
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★Beautiful★ L0v3 - Dv8anT
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I would totally get a more fleshed out version of this as a phone case. >.>  =D
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I love my my leather straightjacket so i can totally identify with this <3
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Defiance and that lower lip....ghaaa
Lisa and Ally are ALWAYS the perfectly adorable kind of crazy ^_^
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I like crazy :)
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Lisa is crazy adorable x)
you just, just.... MADE this? as in, sitting at your desk/table whatever and just doodled this? this would take me a week, on tablet that is!
how? HOOOW?
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I know right? an hour some basic pieces of writing and drawing materials and a cup of coffee and this guy can make stuff that will put so many people to shame if they tried to do the same thing with far more time
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