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i believe we have a failure to communicate...

By shiniez
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aaand moving forward. and yes i'm going somewhere with this, patience¨!
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I completely understand how frustrating it is when people don't pick up your signals, but if it's at the point where your partner is *trying* to pick up your signals and failing, it is officially your fault and you need to stop relying on those signals and start using your words. People who act like it's entirely the other person's job to understand everything they do are the limit of my tolerance. People who routinely fall back on "If you don't know I'm not going to tell you" are the limit, too. I'm siding with Mike on this one; his wife needs to sort some shit out, because she is way too demanding and way too passive-aggressive.
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I love how confident and steadfast Lisa can be when she needs to be.
There's no misunderstanding her or beating around the bush when she sees something about to go down.
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Sibling drama...something I can fully relate to.
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mla197Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh sure sure it aint a dog collar, but when ally is the one making you walk on all-fours, tugging at the rope conveniently tied on the ring, you bark on her command.
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This story's quite packed with delicious jokes. I like.
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JaquinaStudent Traditional Artist
Does anybody know where I can buy a Collar which looks similar to Lisas? Thanx
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Ask Alan. I'm sure he'll create you one
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Damn it, sold out.

Luckely I have another one, though not as stylish…
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LOL  I know the feeling The best way to sum something like this up is

Men's OS is Windows and Woman's OS is Linux,  so they are always crashing.
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you know, that REALLY makes me want to make an 'insert USB' joke....
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AmenaraeHobbyist General Artist
Can I just say that Mike is very attractive with all that unruly stubble? Then again, I just think your redheads are all sexy as hell.
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Have we really seen any characters in this comic who weren't at least reasonable attractive? Disregarding the elderly I mean.
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MyrethyHobbyist Writer

...Sorry, but despite all this stuff Lisa's saying to her bro about talking things out, she is doing very little of that talking to Ally!
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Eh? They've known each other 2 and a half weeks and she's learned Ally's deep dark secret. The only thing they aren't discussing is her feelings being more than what they had originally bargained on... And once again, 2.5 weeks. How would you feel if you meet someone and they suddenly declare their deep and undying love for you and you either don't feel it or worse yet they are just infatuated and another 2 weeks later they aren't feeling it again?
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Caine-of-NodHobbyist Photographer
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kazernielHobbyist Digital Artist
*Ranting to the characters* Yarr people learn some direct communication and use your words. It makes relationships so much easier than trying mindread each other and communicate by hints and implications. Also, stereotyping genders is so old and cheap, we are all humans, not separate species.
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XxDeviousOtakuxXHobbyist Digital Artist
Agreed. Direct communication is key in relationships. Its worked wonder on my Marriage.
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Its far too well fitted and appropriate to be merely a dog color! Also wrong place for the ring XD.
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psst... psst...
we big brothers aren't always stupid or dumb or thick or whatever...
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Ah, family.
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B-RossoHobbyist Artist
I can just picture such a smug, absolute teasing way he said "Y'know...Dog Collar" Haha That as great.
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Ginger, quick to temper and now her nickname is Lassie...yep Lisa's Scottish alright xD
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LOL, now I want to see her younger brother! And also want to see if this one is going to start doing BDSM too, wish I had someone close to talk about it with or go to events =(
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