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how it all begun

this is how the girls actually met...there was no force used, or drugs or mind control....or whatever else....they just needed each other....cause in the end ... everyone needs somebody
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I've always been really into the bondage and submissive side of BDSM. I'm very very new to the community, and this book really helped me discover this side of me. I am truly thankful.

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To be honest, I knew a little about BDSM before this comic but after I read it was when I really started to get interested in it! Thanks for helping me find one of my biggest interests.
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I'm starting to collect these (should have started a while ago...oh well...) Thank You
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This is actually kinda how I started my own path. I'm firmly a switch, so I identify strongly with both Lisa and Ally. I first started tying myself to the bed with slip knots back in the fifth grade, but I had fantasies about bondage before that. When I started getting more, let's say 'active', I started getting interested in dominating; mostly tying up others and playing with them the way I wanted to be played with.

Before I even had my first boyfriend, I started roleplaying online. That worked for awhile, but the concept of consent was too foreign to most people. It was hard to keep interest in a roleplay for long because of that. But through roleplay, I found deviant art. It didn't take long to find sunstone when I browsed kinky people's favorites folders. This is easily my favorite bdsm content online because it takes the time and effort needed for consent and a good story. The two go hand in hand.

Thank you shinez for all your time and hard work.
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somehow I ended up with Lisa's haircut... now I get people recognizing me as a sub without me saying a thing... lawl.... 
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I suppose that might be helpful if you are actually a sub. :)
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"How it all began, if truth be told,
"had a master plan, now I rule the world."

Crap, is it bad that I know that song? I don't know.
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Love it! So cuuute Heart 
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Oh my god! I saw this in Barne's & Noble and I fell in love with it but I didn't buy it!!!! I can read this online?!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
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Dam, you have offically got me hooked on this now. Love it!:D
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omgggggg I am HOOKED
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Oh... I can tell you right now, shiniez, I am going to absolutely hate this story, lol... but neither will I be able to turn myself away. There's too much personal involvement at stake. Indeed, it is as you say here... we're all a little "pervy", but...  well, I'll save that for after I finish chapter one. ;) Kudos to your friend, Linamohl, by the way. I commented on a cosplay submission she did, though at the time did not decide to look into the comic. Only after she suggested I look into it myself did I do so. I'm glad I did. :D
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so yeah, I've been a fan for a while now, and decided to re-read the comic while waiting for the final update
The comic turned out to be beyond amazing, and it's also fun watching the artist's style morph and progress, even though it seemeed that there is already nowhere to progress

And I just wanted to point out how lucky Ally and Lisa were to happen to be from the same city
My internet friends are scattered all over the globe and it's highly unlikely for me to meet them
Although the forum might have been of a local type, then yeah that would make sense

Anyway it is a bittersweet feeling to be reading this so close to the end, and I could write an entire letter to the comic and to the author himself, but this work of art deserves so much more
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Brilliant start +1, I am going to work my way through all the rest till I'm caught up. I've already checked out all the 'pervy' parts. There must be someone out there who's not a perv . . . I hope you answer at some point the question, why is bdsm perverted when the entire world seems to function on its underlying principle of subbing and domming.
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Oh god that whole paragraph about knowing what you want being a burden just killed me. Waaaaay too relatable >.<


Really glad I followed that link from GGaR here.
Wow I have volumes 1-4 I let my friend borrow them and I wanted to read them again so I started rereading this and you can see the difference from these to the final copy. I love it!! I am happy with the final result but its cool seeing the originals. :) I LOVE SUNSTONE!!!!!!!
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Okay, so a friend of mine told me to read this comic...
For now on, it's not disappointing, ahah ;P
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and yet no matter what i do i keep coming back here
this is a very memorable comic
keep up the awesomeness! :D
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Then they wrote a contract right?.... 

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I'm really enjoying this story,even though I just found it.Sort of....relatable I guess
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i may have started reading but this this is amazing 
wait till you get to the start of ch 5
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i know right its so good
I already had an interest in BDSM/S&M before this. these comics have made my interest flare. and I'm in love with Lisa. and I need a girlfriend
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