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how ally got her mojo back

it is often the smallest little thing that gets us our inspiration...our focus.. whatever you want to call it back

and it was the awkward pleading look from lisa that got ally back in the game.. cleared her mind and focused her for the fun night ahead XD
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Okay kinda want to see Lisa tied up and desperate now... *sweat smile*

Esitaro3670's avatar
Well, she did a great first impression
BornAngelAuthor's avatar
I love Alison, She's just an awesome character and Lisa... Ally is right, she's just adorable. 
Daviddv1202's avatar
This is love, people! 
DragonmanX-90's avatar
I wish I had discovered this comic years ago.
universe1919's avatar
Greeat! Got to keep reading.
LilithAlmighty's avatar
I can't even deal with how great this is so far
OIamwon2's avatar
Story of my life: Where's the Bathroom. 
tsumefan2's avatar
lol the old can i use your bathroom

never fails
zacthehedgehog's avatar
i think with all honesty that this is one of the best comics i have read so far
its endearing and really captures what people are like its like having a personal look into another persons life
the facial expressions are radically better than any other comic i have read

needless to say you have a fan 
sophhiee's avatar
They're so cute! And Ally's butt looks amazing in leather. 
mla197's avatar
This is like my 5th time reading this from the start.

Ughhh.......I thought it would get boring eventually but it gets more and more interesting every time I re-read.
TheRealLazurman's avatar
Came for porn, stayed for plot, and the shipping, and I don't even mean that sarcastically. Bra-vo!
EllaPress's avatar
Can't handle the cute <3
Tiffanyiscool's avatar
Their thought bubble dialog was so cute
0mniessence's avatar
omg their cuteness is just toooo mcuh
BardBrehon's avatar
One of the best comics I've ever read
jazzknh's avatar
Dude, that is so damn cute. 
ReivaxMehliug's avatar
Oops, looks like someone forgot to color in a leg! :3
But amazing art and storytelling. Already a huge fan.
Angelus-tenebris's avatar
Curse you i now see the ivisi leg
AHHHH why'd you say that? XD
Now I notice that invisible leg there haha!
Helinheels22's avatar
This is superb. x
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