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horrible ending crysis of doom

teh dramaz!
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DragonmanX-90's avatar
...Was Ally starting to quote freaking Pinhead or am I just jumping to conclusions?
NoriMori's avatar
Hey, come on now. I'm 26 and your life looks glamorous compared to mine, even disregarding the sex side of it. Don't go giving me even more of an inferiority complex.
universe1919's avatar
I usually ended up feeling the way Lisa felt in the strip.
thaynenova's avatar
isn't it wonderful to have siblings that can make you doubt whether you can find true happiness. and because past experiences make you doubt what you have in front of you. talking is better than obsessing over things. ally brings joy to lisa's dark mood. if ally hadn't spoken first, it could have been really bad.
universe1919's avatar
hmmm. yeah good point there
sophhiee's avatar
Awww. Allison is such an adorable dork.
MidoriCrush's avatar
This. Comic. Is. My. Live xd
L33tInMyOwnWay's avatar
words can not describe how much I love this damn thing. It is everything that 50s Shades of Gray is not and then some. Ugh, I love this thing so much.
Ivain7's avatar
if the writer of 50 shades had read this comic (which started way before the book came out if I remember correctly), it might have had a semblance of realism.
Lezk777's avatar
Same here, this is so fgging good :)
MattPanda's avatar
Ohoh "Come nooow, step into my laiiir"... Is she Smaug the golden mistress? P:
I hate it when that happens.

The existential angst thing, not the brunette kissing me thing.  I wish that would happen more often.
"enter my lair~" OMG I love this series so much! I am so happy the first issue is coming out on my birthday. It will be the best present to myself I have ever gotten. I wish there was a limited edition Sunstone collar....oh how I would wear it proudly declaring Sunstone as my mistress...ahhh....sweet ecstasy~
KuroYukai's avatar
Why not get permission to have the collar commissioned? Pretty sure the amazing artist will be flattered if you did
That sounds like a great idea! I wonder if I should sketch out the collar or ask Shiniez to enlarge a picture of the collar.

This would be my first foray into getting something like this commissioned.
KuroYukai's avatar
Yeah it would be, I would personally ask him if he had time to sketch out the collar. Hopefully he's not too busy, or just ask about the enlargement
Darkthes's avatar
That lasts panel made me smile :) 
small-hope's avatar
shiniez's avatar
coffee went the wrong way and i am coughing and i blame this comment XD
MATT-OPB's avatar
God, is it odd that I find ally and lisa so damn sex but not in a way that I want to "be" with both, just admiration from afar! I always have this "lesbian/yuri" rule, "you don't fantasize bout being with one of the girls, you fantasize about them being together and happy"

Lezk777's avatar
totally get you mate
Myrethy's avatar
That's me with gays/yaoi. And lesbians/yuri. Frag, my brain has no boundaries whatsoever.
Sado-sama's avatar
I like your thinking, lol.
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