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home invasion

friends... sometimes they just ignore you

adult filter is for the simple reason of my gallery being a bit more adult orientated and since this is a part of the same story.....

now , off from the nt again..cyaa.. winter is kicking asses
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"The JRPGs are affecting your looks"...comedy gold!
DeviantArtest99's avatar
With a title like "home invasion", I expect masks, a machete, and blood. Than again, I'd be scared because I have thin skin. Screw it, I like this better.
universe1919's avatar
Wonderfully well done art and home invasion.
Kokuei-The-Grimm's avatar
looooool platypus is our safe word
0mniessence's avatar
aww, nice girl-guy friendship :), i thinik i may have a good friend like that in real life, but still not THAT close xD
Senman8's avatar
I'll admit. It was the promise of BDSM that brought me here. But I only read 5 pages and I already laughed a number of times. And thats a lot considering the amount of "funny" stuff on the internet. Very nice.
The way you capture the emotions int he facial expressions. It is amazing. So realistic.

I applaud you, this is a fantastic series.
i dont know what i love the most.  the history, or the script or the drawing style! amazing.
Jackatwar's avatar
So far I've read this and I'm hooked. It's funny and enjoyable so far.
Amberek2222's avatar
She wake him in night, but still she bring COFFEE!
scorpionlover42's avatar
Graphic novel quality here! Clap 
Akatsuki4eva666's avatar
How does he talk with a mouth full of toothpaste?
Oh, I know people who can certainly do that
Oh Alan, I know that feel bro xD
Vesicainatrum's avatar
THIS!!!! I know how he feels. I'm laughing too hard.
FlyingRagePanda's avatar
YES!!! The platypus comment! XD That is indeed how the deepest of my conversations end up. (True story.)
So. . . who's this Alan character?

I suspect all will be made clear.
MayzeMerlo's avatar
OMG that Japanese rpg joke made my day!
Blue-Divine's avatar
hahahhaha.. so funny. :D
R12i1b8a4l1t7a4's avatar
She seems like my bestfriend... I love it! (New follower ouo7)
Air-KC's avatar
nice hair he got there defying gravity and all:D (Big Grin)  
MabusTheDark's avatar
A more adult-themed story should be filtered hehe!  Anyone who complains after the fact is simply wasting everyone's time.

Great stuff so far!
Myrethy's avatar
Great hairdo, Alan, really stunning and spectacular.
scriptPsychopath's avatar
I never thought a bedhead like that was possible until I cut my hair
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